Monday, April 18, 2022

Vaguely Mythic Greek Ruin

Another small terrain piece inspired by the Olympus board at Adepticon. I was given the base that had a test roll of green stuff texture roller. 

The final layout stayed pretty true to the initial plan. It was then just a case of chopping up some foam chunks and arranging them into interesting piles. For the medium chunks of debris I used some cork chunks I recently rediscovered in a box. The ruined columns are from Mantic Terrain Crate. 

For the floor itself I went with simple colors that would still look good dirtied up.

There were a few grass tufts added just to spice things up a little and ti was done. From start to finish it came together pretty quickly. Overall maybe a day total time spent on it (it was spread over a week and a half, though).

I tried to design it so it would provide room for several figures inside and a few easy avenues of entry. But it could also provide some protection for figures inside.

Here's this new ruin with the previously completed Altar of Genericus and  on top of the hill. It's roughly the same size as the Altar piece.

While these ruins were designed with WarGods gaming in mind, it was clear early on that it could fit into all sorts of settings. Below we see some adventurers searching for lost treasure.

Above we have some Tethru Slingers and an Asar Champion taking refuge in the ruins. Below we have some Dark eldar using the ruins as cover for their ambush.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Olympus Terrain Explosion

Since returning from Adepticon 2022 I went a little crazy with some terrain inspired by the awesome Crocodile Games Olympus demo board. Seeing it for five days in the Croc booth sparked a plan to do something like it when I got home. 

I thought this Xmas Village hill would be a good piece to put a temple or ruins of a temple on top. Sadly I greatly overestimated the size of the top of the hill. I planned to use some cake pillars but the size of them was definitely going to be way too big. Luckily I picked up a cheap box of Terrain Crate from the Mantic booth that had smaller pillars and even an altar. I decided to reserve the ruined pillars for later use.

The hill itself was the simplest part of the whole project. Simply layers of drybrush after a dark grey undercoat turned it from a wintry piece to a rather generic hill that can work with Olympus and Aegyptus (and sci-fi or pulp or...).

The plan changed to make a smaller Shrine that could be on the hill or at ground level. So I cut some rectangles of foam board and stacked them to give a nice set of steps up to the altar. For the altar itself, I wanted to put some relics on it representing a fallen hero that I took to calling "Genericus" - plastic bits from the old Wargames Factory Amazons kit were mounted onto the altar.

I used a pen and hobby knife to make lines and damage in the foam that turned out pretty effectively. I mixed up some texture paste (some watered down glue with baking soda and tiny scoops of various sized sand) and strategically slathered it onto the steps and around the pillars. The altar and shrine were pretty simple paintjobs with washes and drybrushing to get a nice effect.

Above we have the Seer and her Guardians at the Altar. Below we have Provocation between Demigoddesses of Hephaestus and Athena. 

Months ago I picked up a Wonder Woman board game with miniatures for cheap from a local game store. I just wanted the miniatures even though I was pretty sure they'd be too large to use with 28mm miniatures. So I decided they should be some statues. Simple layers of drybrush. I think they both turned out well..

Here's a lineup to show how these figures size up next to Crocodile Games miniatures. 

My original plan, before realizing the hilltop was smaller than I expected, was to finally base and paint these stelae to be used alongside the temple. When the plan changed I decided it was best to finish them up because more scatter terrain is better than less. The process was much the same as above with drybrushing and washes. I really like how these all turned out.

So there it is, about a week of work on this nice set of terrain inspired by the whole Adepticon experience. I still have those bigger pillars and a 'need' to do a bigger building. Not sure when, but I feel like soon is the correct answer...

Friday, April 1, 2022

Aegyptus April 1- Baboon Troop

I recently found the package of these baboon minis that I totally forgot I had. So they get to kick of a lite version of Aegyptus April. They were very quick paintjobs but I think they turned out pretty good.  While there aren't any rules for baboons in WarGods (yet) I based them so they could be used in place of jackals. All but two of them got a little bit of temple floor on the edge of their bases because it almost always looks cool.

This first one is pretty unassuming, but he will likely not hesitate to bite your face off.

Next is one of two sculpts with sticks. This guy is just dragging his stick nonchalantly.

This one  is the other sculpt with a stick. Unlike his buddy, this guy isn't hiding his intentions to hit some stuff with his stick.

I really like the pose of this one. He's the only one in more than one piece- his right back leg was separate. 

This one is baring his teeth or yawning really big.

And finally is the rampant one up on his back legs ready to do some damage or maybe just scare someone off.

Here is the troop with Shefdu Sootootma, Tethru Harbinger of Thoth, since baboons are also creatures of Thoth they could possibly fit in nicely with Shefdu's next warband.