Saturday, February 26, 2022

Iomeda - Demigoddess of Hephaestus

Sadly there is no Demigoddess of Hephaestus miniature from Crocodile Games. In order to have one to lead an Amazon warband I decided to find an alternative figure. And it needed some conversion work done.

I went with one of the Amazon (more South American style than ancient Greek) figures from Freebooter Miniatures. She came armed with a wooden trident sort of weapon and a net. Both arms came separately so I had to find some replacement arms to make her more Greek.

Since she was meant to be a daughter of Hephaestus she would need a mechanical arm. Luckily I had a few resin cyber arms from Spellcrow to choose from. She also needed a weapon of some kind for the other arm. Try as I might, I couldn't find a big hammer I liked that fit well with her. Eventually a spear arm from a Tethru figure looked right (it was muscular without being too muscular to show her work at the anvil) and on it went.

For her base I wanted the "temple stones" I like to use so I cut a piece of the liner paper I use for that effect to cover the whole base. Then the painting came. I didn't like the left side of her face so I decided to give her the face paint so I wouldn't have to look at the flaws that were probably just in my imagination.

Above, we have Iomeda with some of her childhood friends. Below, Iomeda is lined up with a couple of her Demigod cousins to show how she fits in with some of the Crocodile Games Demigods.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Amazon Attack '22- Outriders

These two mounted archers join the four Female Centaur Archers to bring the total of the Outriders unit to six. Plus I've still got three of the Amazon sculpts to finish. Unlike most of the Raiders unit (link for the magnetization) these ladies were not magnetized because they fit much more snugly to the horses and they don't have big long spears. I have to say, once again, how much I love these horse sculpts and the Amazons themselves.

This is the regular Outrider with her blonde horse.

I decided to give her one shinguard that's kind of silvery instead of Bronze to make her stand out (inspired by C3P0? maybe). 

Here we've got the Captain with her sword, helmet, and slightly fancier bow. 

I left the little metal connection under her raised hoof for more stability. To hide the connection I put a grass tuft right next to it and it seems to do the trick. 

Finally, here's the six-strong unit unleashing a volley of arrows at some enemy. 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Savage Cyclopes of Olympus

A mix of resin and metal (the big hammer and the stuff hanging from their belts) these two towering one-eyed giants are now ready to join a Demigod's warband in battles of WarGods...

This first guy with the hammer has a yellowish skin that came out pretty good. He's 'officially supposed to have the other stuff hanging from his belt, but I liked the look of the tools. Also, i think he's supposed to have the other head, but they seem to be easily interchangeable.

Both Cyclops bases were a mix of textured basing material and my preferred roll of designer shelf liner to get a great 'temple floor' look. I used some small sand with a wash on it and for the Hammer guy added a grass tuft to break up the monotony. 

This second guy, with his big rock, got the "wrong" metal bits hanging from his belt, but I thought he had a more savage look overall and the beast leg and amphorae of wine fit this look well. I'm particularly proud of how the meander on the amphorae came out- I used a micron pen for it.

The temple paving on their bases was cut from different parts of the big sheet of liner but line up pretty close to perfectly when the Hammer guy is on the right of the Rock guy. This was just another happy accident that I take not credit for making consciously happen.

Above we have a size comparison with some other Olympus minis- the Cyclops is on a 50mm base, the Amazon on a 20mm, and the Minotaur on a 40mm. Below we have a Beloved of Sobek (on a 40mm base) and a Sebeki Hero (on a 25mm base.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Kinoton Automatons- Silver Hounds

So now I've finished enough of the Automatons to field the maximum number in a Hephaestus warband, just in case. These last two are the Silver Hounds (Kinoton). I've already painted up two of these on round bases for sci-fi gaming (they can be seen HERE and HERE).

While they look the same there are subtle painting, basing, and tail variations to help tell them apart. I don't have names for them (yet) but this one is the 'tail to the left' one. His 'shoulder pads' are bright gold color compared to the other.

And here's the 'tail to the right' one. This guy has bronze rear thighs to help set the two apart.

Here we find the two Silver Hounds with the Tragic Hero, sighing at the battle to come and his tragic fate.

And here are all of the Automatons (except the Owl, he must've flown off) I've gotten painted so far. I've got duplicates of all but the Minotaur in my vast miniatures collection. Someday they'll all see paint, someday...