Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Aegyptian Princess and Royal Dogs

I finally got back to some of the excellent Dark Fable miniatures to add to the not explicitly combatant minis in my WarGods collection. 

For these royal dogs I wanted lighter colors to show how royal they are. I think the light greys came out pretty good. 

The princess was pretty straightforward. Her face was the victim of several failed attempts at some fancy eye makeup. Eventually I decided to give her a mysterious golden mask to make her more mysterious. 

Below we have the princess with a barbarian from Olympus. She and the dogs are not amused.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Croctober 2022- Update 5- Beloved and the Crocodile Kid

For the finale of Croctober we have an unstoppable ravenous beast...and a Beloved of Sobek. 

First, let's take a look at all the miniatures that I managed to finish for Croctober/Sobektober. I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out. 

The Crocodile Kid is a great little mini that reminded me of Calvin (of "and Hobbes" fame) when I was painting him. His little croc companion is probably named Hobshobek and they have all sorts of carefree adventures. 

And now for the newly remastered Beloved of Sobek in resin. This is my third time painting one, but the first two (you can see the second one that was painted in April 2021 here) were metal behemoths that were not the most fun to clean and assemble. But this new resin version was quick and easy to clean and assemble, no pinning needed for the arms and tail. 

I wanted to go a different direction with the colors on this third Beloved from the first two dark brown scales. It looks good and is a nice contrast with the second version. 

Like with the second version, I needed to put some UV resin as water on the base.  I think it looks okay. 

While there are more minis from the Rise of the Crocodile Queen Kickstarter to be painted (mainly the Nippers, Flingers, and Asar Units) October was a good start to expanding my available minis for games of WarGods of Aegyptus.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Croctober 2022- Update 4- Asar Priest and Archer Captain


A couple of standard humans, Asar City Dwellers of Crocodiliopolis, this time. The Priest of Sobek is an older figure that I should have painted years and years ago and the Archer Captain is a new guy from the recent Rise of the Crocodile Queen Kickstarter. 

The Priest got a fancier loincloth because of something I tried on two of the new spearmen during the Kickstarter. I like how he turned out overall but I think his eye paint could have been better.

The Archer Captain is a really nice sculpt that I think deserves to be involved as a WarGods skirmish character. Nothing special about his paintjob I just tried to make him fit in with the other Crocodiliopolis guys I've already done.

Here we've got all the Crocodiliopolis folks I've painted so far. I think they fit together well and I need to paint up more of them...

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Croctober 2022- Update 3- The Crocodile Queen

The Crocodiliopolis City Dweller heroine known as the Crocodile Queen is just a wonderful sculpt that I was afraid to touch with paintbrush at first. But I pushed through even though I only had a vague idea how I wanted her to look.

I chose to attach her axe over the shoulder because it is a badass pose (the alternative is to have the axe handle on the ground). The first part I focused on was the severed head. I knew I wanted it to be a Death Cultist with skull face paint so that's what I did. From there it all just came together. 

I was unsure about the spots on her loincloths but in the end I like how they came out. Overall I think she looks good and now I have lots of ideas for the sci-fi conversion of her that I did.

Here we've got the Queen of Crocs with some random WarGods miniatures. ABOVE she's with the Sebeki Priest of Sobek and also with the Blade Dancers of Bubastis. BELOW she's with the converted Scorpion Sorceress.


And finally- ABOVE with the Isis Harbinger and BELOW with the Artemis Demigoddess.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Croctober 2022- Update 2- Khepet the Sebeki Chef

This Sebeki Cook is a very nice sculpt by Des Hanley. I really like his corpulent physique. He's another one from the recent Rise of the Crocodile Queen Kickstarter. 

Of course I had to make a scenic base for the cook and his lil helper Niblet and the cooking pot to all stand on together. I used plastic bits from GW and a couple of beads for the fruits or vegetables. I think it came out pretty good for a spur of the moment idea and execution. 

The cook himself was a joy to paint. It did take a while to decide if he should be a green-scaled Sebeki or a brown-scaled one. I think the green was the right choice for him.

His apron almost got a bloody handprint on it, but I think the vaguely shaped smudges look better.