Monday, August 15, 2022

Greeks Need Boats?

This thing is friggin' awesome and I probably I need some more of them. I picked this up from the Sea Dog Game Studio booth at GenCon 2022. I've been looking at their 28mm boats for 6ears and was peer-pressured into picking one up this time. I'm so glad I gave in.

The sail probably wouldn't actually work but it gets the point across that this is a boat for getting miniatures across the waters. I went with a basic brown but I've seen another with a great grayish white scheme that makes me realize they would look good in almost any colors.

The sail is a piece of fabric painted on both sides to stiffen it. I notched the the stick that came with it and a trimmed down chopstick so they would fit nicely together. I used white glue along the mast to hold the sail in place. We'll see how long it holds.

The golden fleece on the side of the boat was something I thought would be cool to add. I originally thought about putting in some amphorae and other equipment but decided those would be best created as standalone scatter pieces that could also fit into the boat.

The fleece itself is made of greenstuff and a resin skull. It turned out way more convincing than I expected.the Helen of Troy figure looks pretty cool next to the fleece. 

Finally we see how well standard 20mm-based figures fit with the boat en masse, well two 3-man/Amazon hoplites.

And an overhead view shows the slight bit of room between each figure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Amazon Attack '22 - Raider Standard and Musician


More mounted Amazons gallop off the painting table. These two are minor conversions to get a Raider standard and musician because they would be useful additions to a larger unit.

The musician was given a plastic horn from an old GW High Elf kit. I thought about a more elaborate conversation with her blowing the horn with either the shield or spear on her back but in the end decided simply stowing the horn on her back would work best.

For the standard I though about chopping off the spear tip and using one of various devices to make a fancier standard. But I like how the spears look so I went with some plastic bits that seemed like they would work better for the no-nonsense Raiders. It's simple, but they know what it stands for.

Here we have the Standard and Musician with the recently finished Raider Heroine.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Amazon Attack '22 - Kylissma Raider Heroine

I've wanted to do something with this Amazon heroine model since I first saw the greens. Well it finally happened and I think it turned out pretty good.

She got chopped in half (which was way easier than I expected) and combined with the legs of one of the Raider minis. I then magnetized her and the horse because her long spear will make storage and transport a little dangerous. 

Her spear arm came from some other Crocodile Games figure (maybe a Spartan?) but it looks right. Her shield was smoothed out and became a  stumbling block because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to freehand on it. I tried some teeth but they just looked too orky. So she sat untouched for weeks as I tried to get some inspiration. 

I was searching through some old plastic bits and came across an old High Elf musician with a lion's leg fur part. And there you go. I drew the swirls in the background of the shield with a micron pen. I thought maybe they would represent some tentacles or maybe just some design. 

The horse needed a little something more to show that it's also part of this heroine. I have various plastic GW feather bits and decided these looked best. When I was almost done I realized I didn't like how the left side of her face came out so I gave her some fierce half-skull facepaint. 

She is able to sit on the other magnetized horses (even though I just randomly put the magnets in- they luckily matched how I'd done the originals). I really like her pose and I feel like the colors help her stand out as a heroine. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Olympus Character Kleon


A really quick paintjob for this WarGods of Olympus (Kleon) figure that was available as a pre-release at Adepticon. I wanted to paint something a little different than all the awesome Amazon minis I've been doing (not because I'm intimidated by the cool mounted Amazon Heroine conversion I did recently and can't get her finished how I pictured in my head).

I like how he turned out overall. His eyes are a little bit of a disappointment, but I just couldn't get them to look right so I went with the darkened suggestion method.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Armor and Casualties


I wanted a little painting change of pace from recent miniatures and chose some of the little extras from Crocodile Games. 

The Spartan armor rack but with a plastic helmet since I snipped the original off for a base or some terrain piece.

The Corinthian armor rack was a nice time painting the cape purple.

The Amazon armor rack has been painted before (way back when the Kickstarter minis arrived) so now I have two. The color scheme for this one is different from the original. 

Aegyptus Asar casualty. 

Amazon casualty.