Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Aegyptus August 6- Savage Aegyptus Shefdu and Mabuki

It was long threatened and now it is done- a version of Shefdu Sootootma as a barbarian. This is the Shefdu who became trapped in the Scroll of Savage Aegyptus. This lawless vicious land turned the young Scribe into a hardened warrior with a focus more on survival than his original quest for knowledge... Oh, and there's an alternate version of Mabukitoth-re (Shefdu's chosen student who became an Asar Harbinger of Thoth and has long been unfairly ignored in miniature even though he's part of the foundation of this blog) too. I thought it would be fun if the Savage Aegyptus Mabuki version was a wizard instead of a barbarian because in the original reality Mabuki's kind of a hothead tough guy. 

The Mabuki Master of Words is simply a Dark Fable mini from the Temple of Set campaign. His fancy book might be a limited edition WarGods of Aegyptus, maybe...

On to the barbarian Shefdu, I've been holding onto this Reaper mini since it came out long ago. With a Tethru headswap it looks pretty good. The figure came on a detestable integral base that had to go but he's not totally secure. I wanted something on the base to spice it up, so it had to be a couple of scrolls rather than skulls. 

Thus another Shefdu from the alternate scrolls of existence joins the growing ranks during the Crisis of Infinite Shefdus...

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Aegyptus August 5- Nekharu Witch Coven Reinforcements


Some of the first minis for WarGods I painted were the Nekharu Witches. They were also the very first WarGods minis I converted. I've converted two more and used a couple that I think fit the Nekharu aesthetic to bring my Witch Coven up to 10 strong. 

This little guy is from the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower box and he'll do as a coven member fallen prey to the dark magics the Witch Master has dabbled with. He joins an older metal Tzeentch familiar who was with coven from the beginning.

I've been calling this guy 'the Debater' because of his pose. His head has been turned slightly and I've replaced his left hand with a leftover from an earlier conversion. His little doll was removed and replaced with some plastic GW bit.

This guy is 'the Maestro of Murder' because he looks to be savoring his handiwork as if it's some delightful music. He got a headswap with a Nekharu warrior and both hands were switched out (the right on is from an old GW zombie kit and the left is from a different witch sculpt with a dagger). The skull hanging on his front was replaced with a plastic bit from the Frostgrave Cultist sprue.  I really like how he turned out.

Finally, this one is simply a headswap on a Monolith Conan plastic figure. I have a grand plan of making another witch coven with this guy as the Witch Master. 

These four join the original six strong Coven and the Witch Master.  But the old minis were painted eons ago so I decided they should get a little update- they were just way too clean. All of them got their bases scraped clean and updated along with a little touchup to their paintjobs.

There are only three sculpts of Coven Witches so to avoid the clone look I knew very early on that some conversion work needed to be done. This pose has gotten two additional minis with conversion. The one on the right is the original pose.

The one on the right is the original pose, so far I've only gotten one extra pose for the coven but I used this sculpt as the base for one of the first Paladins of Despair.

This sculpt also has only one converted alternate so far. The one on the right is the original pose. I think I used this pose to convert up my Nekharu Torturer because I did a conversion for the Flesh Hulk before the official mini was realesed.

And here's a group shot of the whole degenerate Coven...

Of course, this has all lead to the spark of an idea for a new Skirmish campaign involving a Coven. Watch the WarGods Skirmish Blog for details coming sometime soonish.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Aegyptus August 4- Sebeki and Asar With Axes


These two both have big axes- the Sebeki event mini from Crocodile Games and an Asar female from Dark Fable Miniatures. 

This Dark Fable figure is going to end up as part of the Okroi Caravan project but she's also good when you need a chick with an axe. Her base got a little bit of the stone texture liner paper I've used in the past. 

I feel like this Sebeki is a bit more evil-looking than the rest of the line. He came out okay but not as good as I hoped for. I thought about adding the texture paper to his base too but he was already on the base and it would have been too much trouble to get it under him. I do like how he looks with other Sebeki, though. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Aegyptus August 03- A New Priest of Aten Revealed!


Long ago there was the Akhenaten Heresy WarGods World Campaign. SPOILER ALERT the Priests of Aten were revealed to be S'syth agents. It was an unexpected and most excellent plot twist. I have one of these rare conversions from that finale and I've made a conversion of one in the past. I've still got a few of the custom cobra heads that Chris FitzPatrick cast up for his personal use and I've been pretty stingy with them. 

But it's Aegyptus August and instead of painting stuff that is already assembled and primed and even sometimes partially painted, why not do a few new conversions? So I did. I've got an unconverted Priest of Aten, but I've done that before. I searched for a base figure that would be unique and nicely fit with the cobra head. It was a Dark Fable eunech captain or something. It just felt like the right figure for this new conversion. 

He doesn't have to represent a Priest of Aten Revealed, he could simply be a Uraei priest or Master of Words for games of "Aegyptus 30k."

Here's the new conversion with the original official conversion (next time Alex is in town he'll need to bring his and we can get a group shot). And below we have Young Shefdu in a spot of bother with the Priests of Aten!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Aegyptus August 02- 3 Anubi Archers


I've had a handful of Anubi Archers painted for a very long time. It was only 4 which is not even half a unit. They have mostly taken part as stand-ins in Asar archer units in the past. There have been 6 others primed ready for painting for a decade or more. Now it's time to bulk up the unit. That's where these 3 guys come in.

I like to make my Anubi purple because most other people make them black. I have lots of different purple paints and mixing some colors gives me subtle shades of dark purples like on these two guys (they both had totally different paints used)

The color most of my Anubi figures have on their clothes is green so these guys got some green accent colors to fit in with the original archers. 

Here we see the original 4 including their captain with the sword (possibly my favorite Anubi sculpt).  The lightest one was done at a GenCon paint'n'take a very long time ago. The others were painted at the same time as some of the Asar archers. 

Here's the newly finished 3 with the original 4 (new guys on the left). I've got another 3 that are primed and ready to go but I'm not sure they'll see any paint before the end of Aegyptus August. And I just came upon 4 or 5 more bare metal in my massive WarGods naked metal box...

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Aegyptus August 01- Young Shefdu and Asar Lady


As mentioned during the kickoff of Aegyptus April, the option for August has been picked up and it looks like several other WarGods fans are taking part in this one. So August begins with a conversion of a Young Shefdu and an Asar female who can fill many roles. 

From Dark Fable (I think it was the Set worshippers campaign) is an Asar Priestess/Mistress of Words/Witch or whatever. She's a very nice simple sculpt and I think the color scheme lends itself to multiple roles on the tabletop. 

I've gone on and on about Shefdu Sootootma in earlier posts here and there will be more of that in the future (Crisis of Infinite Shefdus is happening!). This is a long-awaited step in representing the origin of Shefdu as a young adventurous scribe.

Based on an Anubi Slinger, I chopped off the sling and drilled out the rock in his right hand. His bag full of rocks was carved out a bit for an extra quill and a rolled up scroll. The scroll in his right hand is a glue strengthened strip of masking tape (it's got a good texture for scrolls) wrapped around a length of pin. 

To fix the gap where the Tethru head was mounted on the Anubi Slinger body I used a combination of some UV Resin and a couple types of texture paint. The hair in the back isn't good but it looks okay and I'm not going to fret over it because the overall figure turned out great.

I got this idea back a decade or more ago when I was encouraged to convert some Tethru Slingers from Khemru and Anubi bodies. This unit turned out really cool even though my sculpting skills on them were not great, except for the one that I sent to Alex Bates to paint for me- his hair is perfect (the one in the back left corner of the unit).

And here is the growing gathering of Shefdus from throughout the scrolls- the Crisis of Infinite Shefdus!