Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Aegyptus April 08- Beloved of Sobek (II)

Now for the big chompy monster croc....

The Beloved of Sobek is such a great monster, tied with the original Sphinx Abomination for my favorite monster figure from Crocodile Games.

I had a Beloved (painted back in 2008?!?) before, but I got rid of it for some quick cash and regretted it ever since. I picked this new one up at GenCon a few years ago at the Croc booth but set it aside with the anticipation of all the stuff to paint for Olympus (still not much of that stuff is painted). Apologies for the poor pictures of the original- what was I thinking with that background?

I tried to recreate the feel of the original, without looking for the pictures of the original until he was finished. He's still pretty plain but I like the difference from my normal Sebeki who are mostly greens for the scales.

For the base, I wanted something pretty cool. The flagstone liner stuff that I love to use on some bases for WarGods figures was a must. For the water effect I used some UV resin (after changing the batteries in my UV flashlight!). I think it looks good but I'm not sure the pictures catch how nice it looks.

Here's the Beloved with a couple of other Sebeki- the Croc Mascot and the Croc Anniversary Priest. Both are pretty big but dwarfed by the Beloved.

Here's the Beloved going for a snack...

And finally we've got Hoethet the Drunken Swordmaster ready to take on the charging Beloved...

This may be the end of #aegyptusapril but I'm working on a few more figures that might just make the cut. Maybe.


  1. Hi there, just wondering if you still have the Werner Klocke VIC 9 Thief?

  2. Appreciate the reply, do you know anyone who has one?