Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Aegyptus April 08- Beloved of Sobek (II)

Now for the big chompy monster croc....

The Beloved of Sobek is such a great monster, tied with the original Sphinx Abomination for my favorite monster figure from Crocodile Games.

I had a Beloved (painted back in 2008?!?) before, but I got rid of it for some quick cash and regretted it ever since. I picked this new one up at GenCon a few years ago at the Croc booth but set it aside with the anticipation of all the stuff to paint for Olympus (still not much of that stuff is painted). Apologies for the poor pictures of the original- what was I thinking with that background?

I tried to recreate the feel of the original, without looking for the pictures of the original until he was finished. He's still pretty plain but I like the difference from my normal Sebeki who are mostly greens for the scales.

For the base, I wanted something pretty cool. The flagstone liner stuff that I love to use on some bases for WarGods figures was a must. For the water effect I used some UV resin (after changing the batteries in my UV flashlight!). I think it looks good but I'm not sure the pictures catch how nice it looks.

Here's the Beloved with a couple of other Sebeki- the Croc Mascot and the Croc Anniversary Priest. Both are pretty big but dwarfed by the Beloved.

Here's the Beloved going for a snack...

And finally we've got Hoethet the Drunken Swordmaster ready to take on the charging Beloved...

This may be the end of #aegyptusapril but I'm working on a few more figures that might just make the cut. Maybe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Aegyptus April 07 - Heru Polearms

I'm not a Heru player but I LOVE the original Heru Polearm sculpts by Chris Fitzpatrick. They were some of the first Crocodile Games miniatures I got (in the lil' baggies). One of the coolest things about this unit is the sheer number of unique sculpts and each one is very characterfully stoic. 

These 5 bring the unit up to the minimum size for WarGods but I've got at least another 10 that will someday join their brothers (or be converted to sci-fi) . These 5 have been slowly painted over at least the last 5 years, I'm slow painting stuff sometimes.

We'll start with the standard bearer. Even for the regimented Heru, I don't like to have a whole unit too matchy-matchy so he got a smaller shield to stand out a bit.

Next up is what I always think of as a sergeant because he's yelling. These guys better do whatever he's shouting about. 

Next is 'Harakty' with his scalemail hat. Another thing I love about these sculpts is the scalemail, it's such a joy to paint up and looks good without too much trouble. 

Next up is 'Munthus' who also has a fine scalemail hat.

Finally we come to 'Chikur the Veteran.' His outfit is the most radical of the unit so I thought that could best be explained by him being a veteran of many a bygone campaign. The red trim on his kilt is probably my favorite part of this batch of guys.

Here we have the whole unit of ten Heru lined up for early morning drills, as any good Heru would be.

And here we have the unit with one of their possible captains, the Heru Heroine conversion.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Aegyptus April 06- Two Paladins of Despair

I've wanted to add to the total of the Nekharu 'Paladins of Despair' hand weapon and shield unit, but there was a mental block on how to convert more figures for it. Somehow I got a couple of the mancleaver troops converted up and painted on the spur of the moment. This unit's lore has expanded a little since that earlier post to include the fact that to join the unit a Nekharu must murder a current member of the unit- because that seems like something Paladins of Despair would do...

This one has a plastic shield and axe from one of the Reaper Bones Kickstarters. Since I always think of Nekharu as dirty scumbags usually with stolen equipment, I damaged the shield with my scalpel. To add to his outlaw nature I gave him this GW dagger with pouch on the back. 

This guy has part of a GW plastic axe pinned to part of his mancleaver handle because it looked pretty good. His shield is from one of the Asar hand weapon troops. To give his back some more interest I added a plastic GW bit that seems to fit the unit theme.

Here's the slowly growing unit with standard and musician (also, the guy in the middle was originally built to be a Nekharu champion or hero, so he's the official unit leader).

And here these two Paladins of Despair have gotten the drop on Tebbi the Archer... OR have they fallen into Tebbi and Blackclaw's trap?

Friday, April 23, 2021

Aegyptus April 05- Nubian Style Pyramid

10 or so years ago Chris Fitzpatrick (chief Croc of Crocodile Games) wanted to get rid of the tons of unbuilt terrain he had accumulated. He held a "make and take" get together that I attended and made a few things at. Most of the terrain pieces I cobbled together have long been finished and used on various tabletops. All but the Nubian style pyramid. 

This thing weighs a lot. I don't think that is the main reason it hasn't been finished until now, but it probably contributed a bit. The main trouble I had were the gaps in the pyramid sides. I tried to fill the gaps a few times and finally decided it was good enough even though it doesn't look great.

Then I started painting,  but it was heavy and I wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like. So after a decade of fits and starts the Nubian pyramid is done and looks pretty good with miniatures around it. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Aegyptus April 04 - Some Desert Trees

Ever since I started playing WarGods, back in the 1880s, I've known I should get some palm trees. But they were always so expensive and/or flimsy and my terrain focus has often been lacking vigor. But the other day I ran across these passable palm trees at Michael's and they were pretty heavily discounted- so I snapped up the two packages they had and decided that Aegyptus April was in need of a terrain aspect...

12 trees could have been split up onto multiple bases multiple ways. I went with 4 75mm (I had to double check, but it's true) bases and 1 50mm base with mainly 3 trees per base. I put some spackle on all the bases to help secure the trees to each base. Some rough drybrushing on the trees and leaves finished off with my finest desert sand for the bases and a few clumps of grass to add some excitement to each base...

Base 1- a Tethru Scribe with his students shows off the 50mm base. Just in front of the Scribe is a small mound to keep the single tree less lonely. 

Base 2- The infamous adventurers Tebbi and Blackclaw prepare to jump into action from this 3 tree base.

Base 3- The 2 tree base provides shade for the wizened Anubi Embalmer.

Base 4- the Sebeki Conventioneers enjoy their Ka-Berry drinks whole planning their next move at SandCon.

Base 5- the Priest of Horus arrives for his meeting with the courtesan.

I hope I come across some more of these sometime because they're pretty good and I have some more ideas of what to do with them...