Sunday, February 28, 2021

Forge of Ice February Finale- The Cyclops

And just like that, February's over and we've got a finale for the Forge of Ice February stunt event.

From the recentish Eye of the Cyclops Kickstarter, one of the eponymous Cyclops minis. This is the unarmored Cyclops (my favorite of the two so far). I went with rather basic colors for him and  he turned out okay (not much fanciness to work with when he's simply wearing a loincloth).

Here we see the Cyclops engaging with the Pterromen...

And, bringing the Forge of Ice February full circle, here's the Cyclops with the massive Shrine of the Cyclops (the first mini I finished for the event).

While February is done, that doesn't mean I won't keep painting Forge of Ice minis (heck, I've got more Okroi on the way to finish up the caravan). They won't be the main focus here until NEXT February but they'll still get some attention.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

The 2nd Pterroman - FOI Feb

I didn't have a spark to paint either of the cyclops figures so spent a day getting the last 3 Forge of Ice minis assembled and based (the other 2 Pterromen and the last Cult Guard with a shield). It was an odds or evens die roll to decide which of the last two Pterromen would get painted and this guy won.

Tilhabar "diver from the clouds" is a more brightly colored pterroman than the first. Each one will have a  different color scheme because they're so cool and I really like the variation- pterroman civilization has long since surpassed the mundane repetitive individual coloring that lesser species seem to thrive on.

Here's a closer look at the markings on Tilhabar's back. 

His base is simply some liner paper stuff that totally looks like old cracked paving stones when painted up.

Here we have Tilhabar facing off with the first pterroman Kappetu for dominance. I really thought the first one was my favorite until finishing off this second one, and the third one is probably going to be just as favored!

And here Tilhabar i exerting his mesmeric power upon the hapless guard. What horrible things will he force the guard to do?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Okroi Pack Animals - Forge of Ice Feb

Next up for the Forge of Ice February event are these wonderful Okroi pack animals. I simply love these things and painting them has led to plans for more to make a caravan.

I wanted to paint them for a long time but never got the right paint scheme to spark the process. After finishing the first Pterroman I realized what way to go with these dinosauroid deer. I've had a unicorn partially painted as a 'zebracorn' on the painting table for over a decade- I finished the stripes on one side but was discouraged to finish the other side. So that led to the idea of stripes for the Okroi. I think they came out great.

This second one is just as beloved as the first. While the first one has white "boots" on the front legs I decided this one should get a white splotch on the forehead. It helps them each have their own personality.

Here is a comparison of the Okroi with some other Forge of Ice animals. The Skull Pig is huge anyway, but these Okroi are dwarfed by the monstrous boar. The Azorian Lion would surely get a nice meal if it were able to catch one of the Okroi.

And here are the Okroi with some humans. The Sleazy Merchant is pleased that his latest shipment has finally arrived..

Friday, February 12, 2021

Skull Scarabs, Fat Lil' Lizard, and Pea-phoenix (Forge of Ice Feb)

This batch for the Forge of Ice February event has three beasts of varying severity.

First up is a 40mm Skull Scarab swarm. The original swarm I painted a million years ago (I also did a couple of the 20mm variants but couldn't find them) had a variety of colors but this time I decided to go with all white scarabs (because it was quicker and easier). Unwary adventurers will meet a quick end when confronted with this large swarm...

Next is a Pea-Phoenix (peacock, but red, another version with the tailfeathers on display was painted a million years ago but can't be found). It was based on a 25x40mm because of the long tail. this is such a nice sculpt by Sandra Garrity. We see it next to one of the sleepy guards for scale reference.

Finally we have this fat lil' lizard. He's kinda gross and pretty cool. The earlier fat lil' lizard and this guy actually look like they're the same species, but the coloration varies widely in this species based on their diet and what environment they live in. I kinda like the purple guy a little better and might stoop to stripping it to repaint- maybe not.

More Forge of Ice minis  to come!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Objective Markers - Forge of Ice FEB

The third installment of my personal Forge of Ice February miniatures painting journey is a collection of 4 objective markers/scatter terrain. I love painting up little things like this because they're usually quick and easy with good results. The Eye of the Cyclops Kickstarter provided some nice objectives to paint.

First up is the pile of cyclops skulls. Pretty straightforward...

Next is the first of the two idols- the skullpig idol. I've painted one of these before, but that one was on a 20mm square base. The new one is on a 20mm round base just because.

And here we've got my favorite of these objectives, the pterrosphynx idol. I used some nice color-shifting metallic paint for the idol to make it look more magical.

Finally is the Eye of the Cyclops on plinth! It's not the first Forge of Ice objective on a plinth, here we can see the Saleesa Crystal Skull on plinth for comparison.

For comparison, here are a couple of guards watching over these treasures.

Remember if you have any Forge of Ice minis to paint you should use the #forgeoficefebruary tag to share it so others can see these great minis painted. More to come...