Wednesday, May 6, 2020

WarGods Minis Month '20- Forge of Ice Skull Pig 1 (Entelodont)

What better way to kick off the occasional Antediluvian painting frenzy that is WarGods Minis Month than with a giant prehistoric entelodont, the first of 2 "Skull Pigs" from Forge of Ice!

Below we can see a ton of primed and partially painted WarGods-related miniatures that will hopefully get painted during this WarGods Minis Month. There's a bunch of Crocodile Games stuff (the official WarGods minis) and a mix of other manufacturers from Ral Partha to Dark Fable to Forge of Ice to others I can't remember. Anything that can fit within the broader WarGods world is fair game for this 30-ish day painting event (sometimes it goes even longer because time is an amorphous concept in the WarGods world).

To the Forge of Ice Skull Pig! This monster is a friggin' monster, it weighs about 80 lbs (rough estimate) because it's solid metal. It was a beast to base up, but thankfully it did not have an integral base to chop off. There was a solid peg on the bottom of his left front hoof that I drilled a hole all the way through the base to make sure it would hold.
I did some light research on entelodonts and aside from finding out that there's some exercise guru that comes up when you google "skull pig" I found out that they're more closely related to dolphins and hippos than to pigs. So I thought about what colors a killer whale might have on land and decided some lighter almost white splotches aroudn the eyes were a must.

I resisted using some UV Resin to do drool on his chin, but the next one might need to have that feature added since the mouth is wide open.

I decided to keep this guy's base pretty plain, just a couple of Secret Weapon grass tufts with the rough desert mix of flock. The shocking white stone was just a happy accident that somehow got into the rough desert mix. On the back left corner I decided to add just a little hint of civilization with a bit of flagstone liner paper, the next one will probably have more of it added.

A comparison shot of the Skull Pig and some Forge of Ice Azoran Lions. That's gonna leave a mark...

Crocodile Games' Demigoddess of Artemis calmly prepares to take down the Skull Pig with one arrow....

Some vicious Nekharu (Crocodile Games) close in on what they hope will be their lunch...

Here's a sneak peek at what may be coming next time- could it be the weird alien looking guy with 2 swords? Maybe the converted snake chick with the turtle shield? Possibly the Heru archers? What's that big dinosaur thing in the background?

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