Monday, April 13, 2020

The Last 3 Sleepy Sentries (Forge of Ice)

I was inspired to finish these guys up due to a discussion on Alex's (the Forge of Ice guy) painting livestream the other day. Thanks Alex!

Integral bases are one of my least favorite things to deal with when it comes to prepping minis. Sadly many of the Forge of Ice figures have integral bases so deal with it I must. Above you can see the figures in the process of being debased so they can go on 20mm square bases like most other regular hman figures that fit with the WarGods minis. 

I decided to give them a more fancy base top than the previous batch so I broke out this old roll of shelf liner or something (given to me by Fitz a loooong time ago when he was getting rid of some unbuilt terrain at a gathering, thanks Chris!) As you can see below, they offer a simple pattern that looks good once it's painted up.

These guys are pretty straightforward so they all got a unified simple paint scheme.
Including the debasing (about 45 minutes from the start of that process to getting them and the fancy toppers onto the bases), it probably took about three hours total from start to finish on the sentries. And they look pretty good.

Here we've got the new ones with the first batch. This crack security team is for hire if you need something guarded but don't mind if it get's stolen...

And here we see the last three with their employer the Sleazy Merchant and his fat little lizard pet.