Saturday, March 21, 2020

Forge of Ice Stuff - Lions, Maidens and a Fat Lil' Lizard

I really wanted to get these Forge of Ice minis finished, so I buckled down and powered through. These are all from the Sleepy Sentries Kickstarter, so they should have been finished a long time ago to help prepare for the arrival of the Eye of the Cyclops Kickstarter minis...

First we've got the fat lil' lizard that is meant to be the pet for the Sleazy Merchant. I wanted to something different so I decided the orange and red scales with the grey belly and feet would be weird enough to make him stand out.

And here's the Sleazy merchant along with his lil' lizard pet.

Next we've got the two Azoran Lion Maidens. This first one is not my favorite sculpt I'm not quite sure why I don't like her as much as the other one..

This second one, however, is a much better sculpt. I think they're both pretty plain so I decided to do the skull-like face paint for them to add a little more detail.

Finally are the two Azoran Lions who are very nice painted and based. They will work well with WarGods minis although they're larger than those lions. These are on 30x60mm bases because they fit better than a 25x50mm.

And some bonus shots of the Maidens with their lions...

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