Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dark Fable 4 Egyptian Females

Time for another batch of the seemingly endless stream of Dark Fable figures from their several Kickstarters. This time some more fine sculpts of mytho-historical type Egyptian females that fit well with WarGods miniatures for Aegyptus or Olympus...

Here we've got a sorcerer's apprentice or an alchemist in her own right. I like how the fluorescent red came out on the bottle.

This mini could be a singer or some sort of sorceress or something.

I didn't realize until she was almost finished that this lady could be a female Warhawk (without the falcon helmet, but close enough) because I always paint Horus-related miniatures with blues and whites.

Perhaps this figure is a Hekau Student (something to do with THIS?) or the member of an influential family of the court.

Finally, since I'm not sure if I've done any scale comparisons of Dark Fable with some other similar minis, some comparisons! Right to Left: Dark Fable, Crocodile Games, Dark Fable, Forge of Ice, Dark Fable, Crocodile Games, Dark Fable. These all go together pretty well.

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