Friday, February 7, 2020

Varied Batch of Objective Markers (6 of 'em)

In the endless quest to finish up painting minis that were started in previous epochs, I focused my energies on these objective markers. These are from various manufacturers and one scratchbuilt piece, these should help clutter up the table and provide interesting results in scenarios focused on collecting things. 

From Crocodile Games, we start off with the giant skull scarab. I was originally going to go with a white carapace but changed  my mind since I recently got a few color shifting metallic paints (Folk Art from Michael's).
Scale comparison with a wizardy guy from Dark Fable.

Next is a pile of bones of unknown origin (maybe from the Conan miniature board game?), this was simply washed and dry brushed layers. It is a really nice piece.
For comparison we have the Scorpion Priestess conversion. The bone pile would've fit very snugly on a 20mm base so I decided to go with a 25mm so it wouldn't look so cramped.

This market base is generously called scratchbuilt. It's simply a 25mm base with 5 cheapo metal beads glued down together. I have a lot of these beads that I should really get to work on gluing down for more of these...
For these comparisons we've got the delightful Sleazy Merchant from Forge of Ice.

From Crocodile Games  is this Bastet cat statue. It was basically completed aside from some touch up work, but I decided to use some of the black metallic color shifting paint to make it look a little more fancy. It was a light dry brushing that doesn't show up well in the pictures.

For the comparison pictures we've brought back the Scorpion Priestess. 

Next up is a resin figure from Raging Heroes. This is the Iron Empire mascot Jinx, but I'm unrestrained by what the original manufacturer intended- they can't stop me. I started Jinx at the same time as the Bastet statue above because they are almost the same pose. I love the little rat Jinx has caught, it's a nice touch.

For the comparison pics we've got the Scorpion Priestess again. While I was editing the pictures I thought the statue was Jinx for a second, they look so similar at a glance.

Finally is this awesome little Leaping Boar Statue from Forge of Ice. I really like this little guy and should have gotten more of them to do in a variety of colors.
For these comparisons we've got a Forge of Ice reunion! The Sleazy Merchant proudly presents one of his favorite pieces in his collection.

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