Friday, October 25, 2019

Forge of Ice - 3 Sleepy Sentries

From the Forge of Ice "Sleepy Sentries and Sleazy Merchant" Kickstarter, the first three of the six Sleepy Sentry figures. I decided I needed to get some more Forge of Ice stuff finished before the latest Kickstarter (the Eye of the Cyclops) stuff gets sent out. I've put off dealing with these until now because of their large integral bases (I kinda hate those) that had to be removed to get them based on more uniform 20mm square bases. This was a bit of a pain but I've been able to remove those integral bases a bit more easily lately with practice.
This Sentry (above) has the special ability to sleep standing up. 
While working on the guy above I couldn't help but hear one of his buddies telling the Sleazy Merchant "...he's praying to the goddess of protection, he's not asleep."
This one is probably my favorite pose of the Sleepy Sentries. I wasn't confident he'd fully fit on a 20mm base but he's snugly on it and now he can sleep through some skirmish battles.

Above, Tebbi and Blackclaw prepare for an easy victory over the Sleepy Sentries then they can get some loot... Below, the Sleazy Merchant from Forge of Ice shows off part of his crack security team and part of his treasure horde...

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