Sunday, September 22, 2019

Three Scholars and a Pirate

The scholarly theme I wasn't even aware I was going for was ruined by a dastardly pirate mini that got painted along with the other three. Oh well, that's a pirate for you.

First up, the second of the Dark Fable scribe minis that I've done (the other one is here). I think I should get another to do a headswap because scribes are cool. He's been named Senedjem the Scribe and he's probably more devious than he looks.
Here we can see the random scratches I made to represent some hieroglyphs on his papyrus sheet on the clipboard.

Another Dark Fable mini, this one is meant to be a High Priest, but I think he could easily be a Master of Words. I've dubbed him Periifra the Sage so that he has many avenues open to him on the tabletop.

A converted Asar Warrior- instead of a shield I gave him a sword so he could be a member of the unit of Cretan Pirates in the Dionysus warband I built for GenCon this year. Sadly he was not completed in time, but now he's ready for many uses (pirate, thug- I guess just the two uses).

Finally, we have another Dark Fable mini. This is one of the tomb raiders but I've decided she should represent a warrior-scribe of some note named Lady Senshet (look here if you think she sounds familiar). More gibberish on a scroll to look vaguely like some hieroglyphs from a distance, if you squint. She will do nicely in a warband or in some skirmishing.