Monday, July 29, 2019

Dionysus Warband Build Part 4- Some More Progress

The proverbial clock ticks closer to the GenCon WarGods event deadline and paint is flying in a mostly controlled frenzy.

A mixture of Cretan Pirates, Amazons, and the last 2 Satyrs! The Satyrs will go first, since their unit is completed now.

And the completed Satyr unit with the lil' Champion Satyr.

Next up, one of the "Cretan Pirates"- this one from Dark Fable. He's a barbaric looking guy from Cimmanomeria, or somewhere... except Egyptian-ized.

Next, another "Cretan Pirate"- this lady has been rattling around in the unpainted lead storage for years. From Reaper, this Dwarf Barbarian had a huge chunk of metal as the integral base. I hate those kind. Until this push to get a bunch of stuff painted I would always put her back before trying to hack the base off so she can fit on a 20mm square base to rank up with other minis. She was originally intended to be an Aegyptus character, and that's how I painted her here.

Finally, the Amazons Bodyguards for our esteemed Absynthia, Demigoddess of Dionysus.

Still a lot of stuff to finish up. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get all of the Amazon Raiders "done done" but they're going to have lots of paint on them and they'll look okayish on the tabletop. Horses are a little daunting...

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dionysus Warband Build Part 3- Demigoddess and More

With about a week left of painting time before the intended event to use Absynthia's Amazon Warband, it's about time I got the Demigoddess herself finished up!

First, some more Work In Progress pics of things that need to get painted up really quickly.

The Warband construction has run into a few changes, there are still about 20 minis left to be finished up (but several are almost done right now). I've decided to add a War Altar, but since I didn't really have anything that made me think "Dionysus War Altar" I went with basing up the Oracle miniature on 2 25mm bases to stand-in as the War Altar. She was alreay painted but left off of any square bases because I figured she'd be an objective or something, so her scenic oval base was fine. But now, a simple black on the cobbled together 25x50mm base means she can do all sorts of stuff now in games.

Next up is the first completed unit for the Warband- an Amazon War Witch with a unit of 5 Crones. These are all minis from the Aegyptus line that were painted up years ago. The War Witch is the Daughter of the Phoenix mini and the Crones are simply Neckharu Coven Witches (some of my first WarGods minis ever).

Standing in for the Amazon Outriders (mounted archers) we've got 3 more Female Centaurs from Foundry. The sculpts are not the greatest but I like the look of them. The paint jobs were pretty quick and dirty because of the looming deadline, but I think they still look presentable.

Finally, the Demigoddess of Dionysus herself, Absynthia the (epithet not yet decided on)!

And here's the actual WarGods mini for the Demigod of Dionysus (very much in progress) next to Absynthia for comparison purposes (both on 25mm bases).

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dionysus Warband Build Part 2- A Smidge of Progress

Less than a month and there are about 24 minis to get painted for my Warband to use at GenCon. Slow progress, but I'm overly optimistic that I'll get everything done.

Let's start out with some Work In Progress pics of various miniatures from a few of the units I need to flesh out:

And now for the stuff that's been completed (except that one black-furred Satyr- the pics revealed that horrible white patch that I will be doing something about right away).

From Dark Fable, an Egyptian Vampire. Since she's holding a little cup, she's a great addition to the Maenad Unit.

The 7th and 8th Satyrs bringing the unit closer to the goal of 10 of the party animals!

And finally, the Mother of Serpents! She's a Snake Priestess from Forge of Ice. Not as good of a paintjob as I wanted for her, but I think it's passable.

Now to get some more paint slapped on metal!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Archive 1- 3 Monster Conversions

Long ago I used an image-hosting service that had all the WarGods (and other) miniatures I had painted from the beginning of time. About 10 years ago that image-hosting service changed hands and all my stuff was lost in that transition. But I've still got the minis and I've decided those older miinis should be photographed again with my much better lighting so that they can be enjoyed again and hopefully make me paint more miniatures to fill the various gaps in my collection .

I decided to start with a few Ægyptus monster conversions from the golden age of my output.

First up, the Wedjet, newest of the 3 monster conversions. This one has actually appeared here before back in Wedjet- Winged Cobra - Olde monster conversion from 2011. The conversion was a simple one but I like to think it turned out as something you don't see everyday.

Next, the half hippo, half lion, half crocodile (it's ancient math!) Ammutbeast! The main body was supplied by Chris Fitzpatrick and came from Monolith Designs. We both agreed that the original head was a little wimpy so it got a head from one of the Crocodile Games Sebeki (the hero/character 'the Butcher'). My favorite part of this figure is the broken canopic jar with the bright Ka juice oozing out. The Ammutbeast has a little taste of the Ka juice on his tongue.

Finally, my favorite of all 3, the cobra-headed lion known as the Apophisphinx. Another simple conversion- just a Crocodile Games lion with the head removed and replaced with a cobra. The green stuff work on the mane is not great, but the overall figure is still something I love to look at.

I guess I had forgotten that all 3 of these monsters were converted because of the the Croc Tales monsters article I wrote. The article came about because of the limited choice of monsters for the Lair of the Monster sub-plot for games of WarGods.