Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Trio of Undead- Lion, Queen, and Ancient Vampire

Three minis to join the ever-growing hordes of the undead.

From Dark Fable's line of miniatures is a skeletal lion.

Next up is a miniature from an old RPG supplement. She's an Undead Queen on a 25mm base because she had an integral base of a tomb floor.

Finally, from Pulp Alley comes their "Apophis" figure. I mounted him on a resin scenic ruins base. I painted him with the thought of using him as an ancient vampire or sorcerer of some kind. 
Below is an overhead view of the 25mm resin base.

Monday, November 25, 2019

S'syth Lord Muusmahtua Winged Serpent

From a time long before Aegyptian civilization comes the S'syth, ancient malevolent serpent beings seeking to regain lost glories as rulers of the Antediluvian world- at least in the fluff of WarGods. Ever since the mind-blowing reveal at the end of the Akhenaten Heresy World Campaign I've wanted to do some S'syth. This slight conversion (really just the addition of the wings) has been sitting partly painted for quite a long while.

The wings come from an old Celtos Dwarf Valkyrie mini. I wanted to have this monster evoke images of the Wedjet (winged cobra) but in a more disturbing way. 
The miniature itself is an old Ral Partha figure. It has a solid base that proved too difficult to remove so I used a chariot style base (50x100mm) with some textured paint and chunks of ruined temple bases to hide the original base. You might notice the slight slope around the S'syth now that you know what to look for.

I thought it would be fitting to show Muusmahtua with one of the "Priest of Aten Revealed" event minis from that awesome GenCon Campaign Finale.

And here we have Tebbi and Blackclaw getting mixed up with the S'syth Lord- that would be a pretty interesting fight.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Three Olympus Demigods and Helen of Troy

All four of these have been partially painted since I got the Amazon shipment from the WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter a couple years back. As sometimes happens with some really well-sculpted minis, I was afraid I would would ruin them with my not-stellar painting attempts. But I finally just went for it and they turned out okay.

Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen the Demigod of Dionysus. This guy is so characterful! I may have gone overboard with the grape stained feet, but I like it. The white in his beard was to distinguish him further as a character (there's probably a story behind it that he delights in telling revelers).
I've got two Dionysus Demigods in my WarGods collection. To lead an Amazon warband for the 2019 GenCon Arsenal of Ares event, I found a female mini who would fit the bill. She represented the Demigoddess of Dionysus, Absynthia in my Amazon warband well. She doesn't look too bad next to her cousin Demigod.

Next is the Demigoddess of Artemis. This sculpt is so perfect that I was especially concerned I couldn't do it justice. It turned out okay, I guess. She is the second Artemis Demigoddess mini from Crocodile Games, my painted version of the original mini can be found here. I like this one better.

Another perfect sculpt that I feel my paint has failed, the Kickstarter exclusive mini for Helen of Troy. 

Finally, yet another perfect sculpt that I actually had a pretty good idea of the colors I wanted to use from the very start, the Demigoddess of Hecate. I actually feel pretty good about this paintjob. She turned out pretty much how I envisioned. I think the toughest part was the pale skin. I really like how the magical hair turned out. The pictures don't adequately show the difference between her skin and dress, I assure you they are not the same color.
Now that these four are finally off the painting table I can move on to all the other Olympus minis from the Kickstarter (as well as the new stuff from GenCon this year).

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Nomarch and Mummy Archer

An odd pairing. From Crocodile Games- a non-converted Warrior Mummy Archer to add to the ranks of the Eater of the Dead. From Dark Fable- a Royal Adviser that I think looks more like a Nomarch (regional governor) so that's what I've been calling him.

This guy took a couple hours altogether from cleanup to completion. That was over the course of a couple of days, though. He will now take his place in the Warrior Mummy Archer unit or maybe even act as a Crypt Lord. I almost forgot how fun it was to paint up a well-sculpted mummy.

I often snip the slotta tab on the Dark Fable minis and pin them onto laser-cut MDF 20mm bases because those tabs are sometimes far too thick to fit into the slot. That happened to this guy too.

A comparison shot of the Nomarch and the Sleazy Merchant from Forge of Ice. It's hard to tell which one is shaking down the other for their cut of the profits...

Friday, October 25, 2019

Forge of Ice - 3 Sleepy Sentries

From the Forge of Ice "Sleepy Sentries and Sleazy Merchant" Kickstarter, the first three of the six Sleepy Sentry figures. I decided I needed to get some more Forge of Ice stuff finished before the latest Kickstarter (the Eye of the Cyclops) stuff gets sent out. I've put off dealing with these until now because of their large integral bases (I kinda hate those) that had to be removed to get them based on more uniform 20mm square bases. This was a bit of a pain but I've been able to remove those integral bases a bit more easily lately with practice.
This Sentry (above) has the special ability to sleep standing up. 
While working on the guy above I couldn't help but hear one of his buddies telling the Sleazy Merchant "...he's praying to the goddess of protection, he's not asleep."
This one is probably my favorite pose of the Sleepy Sentries. I wasn't confident he'd fully fit on a 20mm base but he's snugly on it and now he can sleep through some skirmish battles.

Above, Tebbi and Blackclaw prepare for an easy victory over the Sleepy Sentries then they can get some loot... Below, the Sleazy Merchant from Forge of Ice shows off part of his crack security team and part of his treasure horde...

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Archive 3.4 - Eater of the Dead Part 4 - Mummy Characters

The final installment of this look back at my giant Eater of the Dead Warband brings us the figures that make up the command units for the lesser mummies. Crypt Lords- heroes and champions in life with special powers making them formidable on the battlefield and leaders of units of lesser mummies; Necromancers- practitioners of the dark art of Necromancy who raise the dead to undertake the shadowy goals of the Eater of the Dead; and Dark Harbingers- in life they were great heroes for the living, now they've been brought back with memories of their life now twisted into service to the Eater of the Dead. Tragic.
Above is the Crypt Lord event mini from Crocodile Games.  Below is an alternate Dark Harbinger figure but he's only seen action as a Crypt Lord.  Both of these are unconverted figures from the Croc. 

This Sebeki Crypt Lord  from Alex Bates is a cool undead version of the Crocodile Games mascot figure. I didn't like his axe so swapped it for the big sword.
Taking a break from Crypt Lords for a moment, let's look at those who make all these reanimated mummies possible - the Necromancers. Above is an unnamed Necromancer conversion apparently tainted by contact with the Eaterof the Dead. The body is an original Tethru Master of Words. The head is one of the alternate options that came with the Scarab Ogre and some very simple putty work to cover the gaps. His spear and some other bits came from various plastic GW kits.  Finally, his wierd bug-like left arms came from a Ral Partha mini.
The Necromancer above is simply a headswap on the official Crocodile Games Necromancer. The head was left over from the Reaper figure used as the basis for the Dark Harbinger, Shefdu Sootootma. This was the Necromancer figure used in the Golden Fleece campaign, 'Redface' (a subtle reference to the skullcace color because it's all about the subtlety).
The last of the Necromancers is actually the second painted version of 'Llithyiki' - the Necromancer for Shefdu during the Ankhara Campaign. This is simply an unconverted figure from the old Celtos line of miniatures. I still think she's a really great option as a Necromancer figure. 

Back to the Crypt Lord parade with the named Crypt Lords. Above is the hippo-headed Sejetmu Dread Axe of the Nile. He's a headswap of one of the Warrior Mummy spearmen. Sejetmu was made the leader of the Axe mummy unit during the Ankhara campaign.

Above is a conversion of a Reaper mummy to give us Ashara 'Voice of the Tuat,' a Basti in life who had a golden voice ('the Voice of Honey'). She acted as captain of the mummy archers during the Ankhara campaign. Her sun disc was part of a standard (I think) while the bow and quiver came from the Crocodile Games weapons packs. A nice simple and effective conversion.

Below is the first of the first three Crypt Lords from the starting Ankhara campaign warband- Senshet 'the Mighty One' (because her Crypt Lord power was "mighty"). Just a straight up painting of the Crocodile Games figure. I don't remember what her scroll was meant to say, probably about "the Eater rules" or something like that.

These last two Crypt Lords (actually the first two to be painted) are Tebbi and Blackclaw. These were conceived of as criminal partners in life (check out their own skirmish blog which has languished for far too long for more info on their exploits) and Shefu's chief lieutenants in death. Blacklaw was able to steal at least one chariot during the Ankhara campaign- which probably earned him a Great Deed.

The Dark Harbinger Nabchuk the Nefarious is a slight conversion of a Privateer Press figure for the Golden Fleece Campaign. For that campaign I wanted a change from a mummy heavy Eater warband to a more Death Cultist heavy warband because I really wanted to have a Nekharu warband. That was a big difference. The conversion bits were the axehead (from one of the Heru Harbingers) and the head from a Nekharu Hero.

Starting out as a Crypt Lord in the Ankhara campaign (because you can only have one Harbinger in a warband and Shefdu was the star of that show), Hemati Shiver of the Lands (in life she was known as 'Protectrix of the Lands') was converted from a Stygian Priestess figure from the Chronopia line of miniatures. The backstory was that a young Shefdu Sootootma, bookish scribe before becoming a Harbinger of Thoth, was obsessed with Hemati's exploits as a Harbinger long before he was born. When Shefdu was raised as a Dark Harbinger he had one thought that lead his actions in the giant necropolis of Ankhara- to find Hemati and have her reanimated to fight by his side. Then after the big Ankhara finale, Hemati had slain enough 'breathers' that she leveled up to become a Dark Harbinger During the Heru-Typhon Civil War campaign as one of three different warbands I used.

The conversion was pretty straightforward. I removed the big disc at the top of her staff and made it into a poleaxe. The quiver was simply attached to her back as the shield was attached to her front. I used some strips of masking tape coated with thinned glue to make the remains of her wrappings.

Finally, the old bird himself, my favorite Harbinger for WarGods of Aegyptus (the live and the undead versions), Shefdu Sootootma Scribe of Khepri (previously known as the Scroll Traveller, the Scribe of the Dawn, and the Scribe of Oblivion). The early posts on this very blog are full of some narrative battle reports that also plant the story seeds of Shefdu and his former apprentice Mabuki-toth-re (my second favorite WarGods of Aegyptus Harbinger).

The conversion was pretty simple. I wanted a Tethru Dark Harbinger because they are my favorites of the Aegyptus setting. So I used a metal Tethru head from Crocodile Games and put it on a pretty cool Reaper mummy body. He needed a shield so I got a plastic one from GW that had an interesting shape and cut out a little piece of paper to be the tattered scroll. Sadly I don't recall what the hieroglyphs on the scroll are meant to say (probably part of Shefdu's treatise on the benefits of the use of a mace in combat over bladed weapons) but it's pretty characterful. 

And that concludes this archive entry of the Eater of the Dead miniatures I've painted over the years. Over 100 figures (I keep losing count) and that's not even counting the Death Cultists (non-mummy followers of the Eater of the Dead) but we'll get to them eventually.