Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Duelling Bards

Two more from the Dark Fable line of minis to help populate Ægyptus with more than just warriors and mummies. This time we've got the Duelling Bards. Blind Ankhlus and Big Bukka the Beloved of Bes once travelled and sang the greatest Nile Blues songs ever heard by mortals. But on a trip to Pharos at the Court of the Pleasure Seeker something neither bard will discuss happened that tore their lucrative partnership apart. Ever since that day they have taken to spitting harsh songs that are obvious jabs at the other as part of their new repertoires. Their legions of fans often clash in the streets if the two bards are in the same city...

 Blind Ankhlus still claims to have written the famous "Salad Song"by himself giving no credit to Bukka.

 Big Bukka, the Beloved of Bes, has become highly sought after because of the tales of his adventures off the stage that have inspired some of his best known songs ("Going Back to Heirakonpolis" "Her Arrows Were Poison" and  "The Apis Stomp" being major crowd favorites).

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dwarf Assassin (Dwarvember 2015 Mini)

Another one of the Dark Fable minis, this time the Dwarf Assassin. He shall be known as "Zartan of the Cult of the Cobra" for some secret reason. Which means there will be more of this Cult of the Cobra coming soonish.