Friday, September 26, 2014

WarGods Minis Month '14 Update 4- Paladins of Despair Unit Building

Some delay because of illness and sporadic paintng time, but WarGods Minis Month is still underway!
 The idea for this unit of Nekharu with hand weapon and shield has been an open project for quite a long while. I had already done the first 2 conversions a few years ago. With WarGods Minis Month underway I decided this was as good a time as any to get some more of the conversions together to start filling out a full unit of these nasty vultures...

Most of the figures in this batch are conversions of the  Nekharu with mancleavers, the exception is the taller one that was a Nekharu Coven Witch- he lost his left hand to another conversion long long ago and so I decided a shield would be an easy fix for him. His right hand got a sword from one of the weapon packs.

These next two are from the same base model. I snipped the long handle of the mancleaver on the first one and gave him an Asar round shield on the right arm leaving the rest of the mancleaver in the left hand. Then I carefully trimmed down the curved top of the mancleaver blade so his sword was a shorter straight weapon.

For this one I took the mancleaver off altogether and gave him a shield on the left hand and a plastic GW axe in his right.

 The musician is sporting a Wood Elf plastic horn and arm- not the best conversion ever but it's not bad. He's also got one of Alex Bates' Egyptian shields.

The standard bearer kept the handle of his mancleaver and I pinned a pre-ragged Tethru backbanner to the end. Other than the little skull scarab on his base (thanks again to Alex!) to help him from tipping over, that was the only change to him.

And here we have the 7-man strong unit waiting for at least 5 more to join them before the Paladins of Despair will be a worthwhile unit on the tabletop. But for skirmish games...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

WarGods Minis Month'14 Update 3

WarGods Minis Month 2014 has officially been extended to sometime in September because of a lack of painting time on my part. Plus then I can get the finale to coincide with the 100th post celebration...
 This time we have 3 Asar characters and a resin ruined obelisk!

 First up, Dark Night, a vigilante from the city of Pharos. He strikes fear in the hearts of criminals and others as he fights to make the streets of that corrupt city safe for the innocent residents.

 Next is Tebbi the Priest (no relation?), a small conversion of the male Asar Master of Words. The top of the staff had a skull in a box and this guy is supposed to at least appear to not be evil at first glance. So I got a plastic bit of some sort and put it on the top of the staff. Another plastic bit with the dagger and trinkets.

 Next is the Asar Knight of Horus conversion. Simply a Warhawk with the weapon from his right hand removed and a shield and quiver added.
 I'm seriously thinking about converting a whole unit of these guys (hand weapon and shield) but they'll have to wait until a few other conversion units are done.

And finally, from GenCon at the Iron Wind Metals booth they had these resin Obelisks. After I grabbed a few pounds of lead from the by-the-ounce bins I decided to throw one of these in because another Obelisk never hurts.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WarGods Minis Month'14 Update 2

Finally more painting and some completed minis for WarGods Minis Month 2014!
 The Eater of the Dead gets some attention in this update. It's been quite some time since I've painted any figures for my already impressive Eater of the Dead warband (it's size is probably closer to 2 Warbands at this point).

 From Reaper, it's a Nefsokar Mummy Standard Bearer (officially Mummy Standard 6). The symbol I painted on the standard first was an Ankh which I then mostly covered with what I can only guess is some horrbile Eater symbol that means something really bad.

 And from Crocodile Games is a Heru Crypt Lord. I've decided to name him Shamutanti. I think he'd make a good Dark Harbinger too.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

WarGods Minis Month'14 Update 1

 The now annual WarGods Minis Month has finally begun. Not really a calendar month, I will paint up as many WarGods (Ægyptus, Olympus, etc) related minis as I can. This one will go to mid August- around the 17th or 18th.
 This first batch has been almost done for quite a while but finally got matte coated (some problem with my matte sealer caused some white areas that I'll be cleaning up soon). This update is mostly Dark Fable Egyptian Harem Miniatures from their 3 Indiegogo campaigns.

First up- a Dark Fable Bodyguard who will most likely see service as an Asar Champion or an 'Empty Palm' thug in skirmish games.

 Next we have 2 of the Dark Fable Eunuch Harem Guards. Both took the most of the matte sealer issues- they have areas of crusty looking white that should not be there and will eventually get cleaned up.

 Here we have an olde i-Kore Celtos mini. This guy is also part of the Wizards '14 project. I've wanted to paint this thing up since it was first released- I'm glad I waited until now.

 Another Dark fable mini- she's meant to be a harem girl or handmaiden but I decided to add the Crocodile games cat and paint her up as a sorceress or witch. I've decided to name her Kawet and she is also part of the Wizards '14 project.

 Finally we have another Dark Fable miniature. This is the Vizier but again he's been drafted into the Wizards '14 project. He will likely serve as a Master of Words and has been dubbed Dasuwentep. He's also probably evil.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ægyptian Lady and the Original 3 Harem Girls

I have finally gotten to the original Harem Girls from Mike Burns' first Indiegogo campaign as well as an Egyptian Lady from the second campaign. This has allowed my conscience the freedom to pledge on the current third campaign.

 The Lady doesn't look as leaning when she's with other minis.

The Lady and her attendants/daughters meet the most famous King of Memphis Impersonator and his bodyguards...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wizards 2014- WarGods Babylonian Winged Sorcerer

 This is another of the "Lucifer's War" minis from West Wind. Amazerac the Conjurer. He's also the first mini of 2014. And part of both the "Wizards 2014" project (to paint up lots of wizardly-type figures throughout the year) and the still mostly unplanned "Babylonian Project" to make a WarGods God Kings of Babylon warband.