Sunday, July 14, 2013

3 New Titan Slaves!

You can see more about the 3 newest Titan Slaves at the Minismith's Forge blog HERE.
The second from the left is an official Crocodile Games Titan Slave to help show the new Slaves sizes...

 This dude is in serious trouble...

Finally, a sneak peek at the Titan Overlord with the Croc Mascot Sebeki for scale.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 12

I thought the Wargames Factory plastic Amazons were cool (which they are), but these Victrix plastic Hoplites are just as cool!
 In the Croc Kickstarter I went for the Amazons, mostly, because they're the figures and theme that I felt was most exciting. then I picked up these Athenians and decided a few phalanxes of Athenians and possibly mercenaries or something would be pretty cool too. There are "Battle Honors" that city-states can get for their phalanxes-- this first batch of Athenians has the "Poseidon's Faithful" Battle Honor (at least they have that option once the rules come out) which means they each need to have a trident on their shield. I rarely paint units up in any sort of regimented way, so each one of these first 7 (probably just 5 more of these guys to complete the phalanx) has a different trident on his shield...
 The 3rd from left is not only one of my favorite poses I put together so far, but also the favorite shield.

 The middle guy is my other favorite pose so far (along with the headswap to add more variety because I don't like the remaining helmets on the sprue). I also really like these last 2 shields on the right with their more abstract tridents...

 The Poseidon's Faithful form up against some Titans!

For comparison purposes- (left to right) Wargamse Factory Amazon, Victrix Athenian, Crocodile Games Spartan, Victrix Athenian, and Crocodile Games Heru. Not a bad fit since they'll be in their own units...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 11

So my plan for a Titan warband is to have almost every Titan be different from the others (especially the Slaves). So I've been gathering lots of larger minis together for years now in anticipation of starting the painting and construction. With the extension of WarGods Minis Month through this weekend I had to put a few together and get them painted...

 One of the Crocodile Games Titan Slaves.

 A Privateer Bridge Troll that is currently my favorite of all the Titans painted so far.

 And finally a Growler fromt he Vor line of minis.

 A couple comparison shots with one of the Crocodile Games Minotaurs.

And finally, some human-sized figures (Wargames Factory Amazons) up against the Slaves.