Sunday, June 30, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 10

 A little from Ægyptus and Olympus this time- a ToTanem Artifex (Crocodile Games) and a Female Centaur Archer (Foundry).

Above- a comparison shot with a Wargames Factory Amazon. Below- a comparison with a Crocodile Games Satyr.

 The Kickstarter has ended but WarGods Minis Month might still have a few more figures left...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 9

 Next up, 4 of the Wargames Factory multipart plastic Amazon Hoplites. These have been built and primed ever since I painted up the test figure quite some time ago.

 Second from the left is the test figure. So now I've got the first 5 of a phalanx, time to build some more and paint them before the Crocodile Games Amazons come out and these ladies are designated something else.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 08

'Sidereal Gloam' arrives on the tabletop almost 2 years after it's sister chariot Blazing Horizon was completed.
 This is the 4th time I've converted a MageKnight chariot into a Shining Chariot-style chariot for Ægyptus. The first attempt was sold off on eBay after some limited use. The second was for the use of a fellow WarGods aficionado, Jordan 'Banisher of the Undead.' The third was 'Blazing Horizon' (or "Burning Horizon' depending on the day) and now we have 'Sidereal Gloam.' These last two were planned and started together, they both incorporated lessons learned from the first two attempts.

 Part of the planning stages were the eyes on the floor of each chariot. I thought it would be cool to have a right eye and a left eye for them so if they were together in battle it would lend some extra mojo to them both...

  The strawsheath technology allows the banner to be easily removed or swapped out... the banner can be used as an objective marker if needed.
With this one completed it's likely to now be time for another Eater of the Dead chariot based on this MageKnight chariot. No completion date estimates yet...

Friday, June 21, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 7

 11 Phantom Warriors completed for use as the Isis Harbinger power of the same name.
Somehow I came into a batch of the Arcane Legions Egyptian minis. I knew right away that they had to be done up as Phantom Warriors because I didn't want to convert any of the Crocodile Games Asar minis just to be ghosts. There are a handful left that will bring the total unit to 15 or 16 (though it's not likely you'd ever need that many in most games, but you never know).

And here we have the Isis Harbinger who just summoned these guys up for battle..

Monday, June 17, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 5

A Sand Chicken, a Sebeki Hero and a Canopic Base make up this update. Sorta sound s like the start of a bad joke...

Some various bits to make up this objective/treasure marker. The canopic jars are made from various plastic bits that looked right.

The excellent Crocodile Games Sebeki Mascot figure-- I converted this one to have a large kopesh-like sword from the original hammer.

 I always forget how fun it is to paint up a Sebeki.

Finally a giant Sand Chicken, fierce hunting bird of the desert plains...

 This Asar is in pretty big trouble unless he can get a really lucky shot off...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 4

3 Satyr archers and a "Catyr" Musician for them.

And here's the unit of Satyr's so far- including the awesome Hasslefree conversion from a while back.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

WarGods Minis Month '13 Update 03

 The latest update for WarGods Minis Month finds 2 Olympus minis form Crocodile Games (both released years ago at GenCon not part of the current Kickstarter).

First up the original Demigoddess of Artemis. I've had her started for several years now but I've just never been able to force myself into finishing her until now. I like this sculpt but I'm really looking forward to the Kickstarter Artemis figure.

Then we've got a Minotaur-- or in this case a slight conversion of the Ægyptus hero Menthu Hathor-hotep. This figure can be used as either the Apis son of Ra and Hathor,Menthu (from fluff for a campaign warband and possible skirmish campaign) to a nasty Minotaur for infamous Olympus warbands.

I should get a shot of this guy with the first Minotaur I painted and actually used in the campaign (the one with the big axe).

Here's an overhead view of the base with a battered shield.
More to come...