Thursday, April 5, 2012

Isis Redo Underway

Thoth's beak, this is a bit more of an undertaking than I expected. It's not the details and process that's getting to me. It's the fact that this was one of my personal favorite minis I've ever done and I'm hacking and drilling at it. Nerve-wracking stuff, this, but progress despite constant fear of a slip...

Special "thanks"  to Alex for his suggestion to put her on a shield so she'd be taller and not drag the spear anymore. Thanks. When I removed her from the base I saw that I had actually built it up with some layers of plasticard stuff. But it was too late to go that route again- a Typhon shield has been sacrificed to the cause. there was a lot of glue and filler around her tab that had to be scraped off (more horror!) before I could snip off the tab.

I need some new really tiny pin vise bits to extend the hole in her spear shaft, so this is the stopping point on the fix for now...

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