Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 Objectives- Black Quill and Sword in a Stone

A Black Quill (Kekooee Seshket) and a magical Sword in a Stone...

The Kekooee Seshket have been mentioned before- magical quills created during the Aten Heresy. I figured it was about time I made one so that a possible campaign to collect the surviving Quills could at least be a possibility. The base is a resin 20mm scenic base that came with a Scibor mini.

Here we have a scene from this hypothetical campaign- Shefdu Sootootma challenging an Apophisphinx to claim one of the Kekooe Seshket.

This Sword in a Stone happened because of a broken plastic sword from the Wardame's Factory Amazons box. I lamented for about 20 seconds and then thought "hey it's like that broken sword Hellboy had that time-- OR I could have it sticking out of some kind of rock." Well the rock idea won.

The 'stone' is a chunk of foam that comes in many minis blister packs. I cut it so it looked vaguely stone-like and then slopped some glue and some liquid greenstuff on it to try to make it smooth. It's not so smooth. Maybe it's a meteor with a prize inside?

I think it came out pretty well for a spur of the moment project. It will be useful in several setting too.

Some figures to show off the size....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Objective- Evil Bookstand

In a continuing effort to get all the little extras that come with some character minis painted up for game use, I present the Evil Bookstand.

I'm not sure if the book is evil or the stand, but they both turned out pretty good.

The Priest of Apophis with the bookstand for comparison.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ashara Voice of the Tuat- Recondite Cabal Crypt Lady

"When she breathed, Ashara was known to her Basti brothers and sisters as 'the voice of honey.' All that changed when she was awakened by the Necromancers. Her once beautiful voice now carries the torment and pain of the Tuat. To our kind it is still wonderful but the breathers are often stricken with paralyzing fear when she sings her haunting song of Tuat." -Shefdu Sootootma, Scribe of Khepri

Finally finished is the Reaper Mummy Chick conversion into a superior Eater heroine of the Second Battle of Ankhara. She eventually came to Shefdu's attention to join his Recondite Cabal.

|_Mv_|_Wnd_|_#Att_|_Att |_Def |_Mis_|_Arc_|_Disc_|_Pts_|
|_5__|___3__|__2__|__6_|__6_|__7__|__7_ |__7__|_76_ |
•Light Armor AR 2
•Claws DM1
•Bow DM0
•Haunting Song of Tuat-
On her activation Ashara makes an Arc vs Arc Test against all living units in her forward 180° arc within 21". If she succeeds they lose their command counter.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Isis Redo Completed

the shield for her to stand on was easy enough to finish. the real hard part was finding some really small bits for my pin vise that would allow me to extend the hole for pinning the spearhead so it would be more secure than ever before. After the spearhead was securely attached and the Gorilla Superglue dried for about a day I was ready to throw it all together...

Overhead view to show off how the shield fits on the base.

Finally, a comparison view of the original base next to the 'standing on a Typhon shield' base suggested by Alex. THANKS ALEX!

So my first Isis Harbinger miniature is once more ready to take to the tabletop and exact righteous vengeance on those who have caused such grief to her Goddess. But there are at least tow more Isis minis I have. Hopefully we'll see another version soon, if we dare...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Isis Redo Underway

Thoth's beak, this is a bit more of an undertaking than I expected. It's not the details and process that's getting to me. It's the fact that this was one of my personal favorite minis I've ever done and I'm hacking and drilling at it. Nerve-wracking stuff, this, but progress despite constant fear of a slip...

Special "thanks"  to Alex for his suggestion to put her on a shield so she'd be taller and not drag the spear anymore. Thanks. When I removed her from the base I saw that I had actually built it up with some layers of plasticard stuff. But it was too late to go that route again- a Typhon shield has been sacrificed to the cause. there was a lot of glue and filler around her tab that had to be scraped off (more horror!) before I could snip off the tab.

I need some new really tiny pin vise bits to extend the hole in her spear shaft, so this is the stopping point on the fix for now...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Synod (aka Flying Mummy Skulls) Completed!

From THIS earlier post as well as THIS one to the completed Synod you see below.

With the Priest of Aten revealed mini to show just how much butt the Synod can kick...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Isis Speartip Conversion Voting

So I converted the limited edition Isis Harbinger to have a cool short spear.  She's killed lots and lots  of foes with it...
 ...but, despite the excellent look of it, it often comes loose from the pin because it literally drags on the tabletop.

I've become tired of fixing it every few months and want to know if I should simply redo the pinjob with a longer pin and some additional precautions (not sure what) or switch the speartip out for a different model ad see how that fares?
 Here are the four options:
A- swordblade from a Tethru conversion (almost as long as the current speartip)
B- plastic GW speartip (slightly modified so it will be shorted and lighter than the original)
C- original speartip (with further modifications to help secure it better)
D- Horus hawk speartip (massive overhaul adding this different but shorter speartip)

I shall allow voting to go on until April 3rd and once the tally is complete my actions will be swift and just. That means I hope to have pics of the fix up by April 13. Thanks for your votes/opinions in advance.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Archers- 2 Satyrs and an Asar Female Standard Bearer

This is one of the Ngoni female warriors from Copplestone. I added the standard to her open right hand because it just looked like that sort of thing would fit. The standard is made of a couple of WarGods minis bits left over from previous conversions.

I decided to paint her 'clothes' so she would fit in with the Heirakonpolis-themed Archer unit as their Standard Bearer since she's actually got a bow unlike the original intended Standard.

Here she is with some of the other Heirakonpolis Archers, there are three more archers close to finished that will complete the unit...

More pictures of this Satyr Hero conversioncan be found at the main Minismith blog.
I like how he turned out, but the pipes on his quiver may need some tarting up so they look a little better.

I think this is the third Crocodile Games Satyr I've completed. I really like these guys and they are, so far, my favorite Olympus minis (after the Artemis Demigoddess).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bennu and Percipiant- WarGods Edition

As you've no doubt seen over in the Minismith's ForgeBlog, the first two miniatures of 2012 are the Forge of Ice peacock painted as a Bennu (one of the monsters from my awesome Monsters of Ægyptus article in CrocTales from Crocodile Games) and the mysterious something that is the Percipiant.

Here a brave Tethru Spearbird faces off with an angry Bennu...

And here the Tethru Spearbird faces off with the calmly enigmatic and fiercely foreboding Percipiant.