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Dispatches of Trub # 5, 2 Riddle of the Sphynx Games (Ft Wayne & Greenwood)

Shefdu continued roaming the Ankhara environs, seemingly searching for some particular location or item. His wanderings led to a long lost sphynx. But the Disposessed Harbinger I had seen on more than one occasion since arriving in Ankhara found the sphynx as well. The ensuing battle saw Shefdu defeated and I later discovered another discarded papyrus in his hand. The frequency and ease of acquisition of these writings has begun to cause me to question wether my presence is as hidden as I believed or if I am merely tolerated as some small part of Shefdu's larger plan:

Sootootma comes closer to knowing and more words return
When I breathed, Ankhara was studied deeply
Things are remembered as Sootootma comes to Ankhara- things Mabuki remembers as he breathes
A place will be found by Sootootma
All secrets of Ankhara will Sootootma remember and the breathers will no more breathe

Shefdu's mention of you by name is troubling. Could he know of my mission for you or was it mere coincidence?

At any rate, a day later Shefdu sought out another sphynx as if he was in dire need of an answer to some pressing question. A Heru warband with Anubi slingers came upon the sphynx as well. This battle went badly for the Heru as Shefdu's mummies caused a unit of polearms to flee and destroyed a unit of archers. First Blackclaw attempted to consult the sphynx followed by Shefdu himself and then L'lithyki, the Necromancer. All failed to answer its riddle. The Anubi slingers had positioned themselves to easily fire on those consulting the sphynx. Slingstones felled Blackclaw and battered Shefdu with impunity. The Embalmer and Battlesage chose to charge a weakened Shefdu to hold up his advance. Kestru-toth, the Abomination, crashed into the slingers to avenge their attacks on his Harbinger. But Shefdu, already badly beaten by volleys from the slingers and combat with both the Embalmer and Battlesage, was charged by the Heru Harbinger and entered Provocation. Many blows were exchanged, but Shefdu fell to the Heru. After the Provocation was complete, the Heru withdrew what little remained of his warband before Shefdu's warband could close in to finish it. The Heru exclaimed "I am Jordan, Banisher of the Undead!" as his tattered warband withdrew...

Dispatches of Trub # 4, PentaCon Campaign Event Battle Write Up

Ra and Thoth be praised!

The last of Shefdu's Crypt Lords, Tebbi 'the archer,' a Dispossessed Asar in life, served as an archer in the warband of Alaaia 'the Bloodsoaked Widow' (an infamous Harbinger of Isis). Tebbi was present at the Battle of Chilfu Pass where the Bloodsoaked Widow met her doom at the hands of the Heru Harbinger Damun-Ra 'Light of the Eastern Sky' {the definitive account of this battle can be found in 'The Complete Exploits of Damun-Ra' scroll v section 1}. After this, Tebbi wandered in the South around Kush where he fell in with a witch coven. It is unclear exactly how long Tebbi was in the company of these witches, but he was eventually known as a wandering bow for hire with some knowledge of magic. His exploits ranged from simple murder for hire to somewhat more noble actions- such as protecting caravans from bandits. Eventually Tebbi met his fate in Oprinchot at the side of Blackclaw as they attempted to storm the temple of Amun outside the village...

Several days of roaming the Ankhara environs brought Shefdu's warband into contact with a Heru Harbinger. Both warbands took notice of a lone mummy mulling about. The following is another of Shefdu's accounts recovered after he had moved on:

Much joy for Eater of the Dead is given!
Sootootma finds risen magician to join my ranks but Heru breathers want her destroyed
My left is Senshet and Kestru-toth and now more Axes
My right is Spears and mindless
My center is Sootootma and Blackclaw and L'lithyki and Tebbi

Senshet and Kestru-toth go forward to fight Sebeki monster but arrows for them weaken and they fall both
Axes go forward and fight Sebeki breathers that flee
Spears and mindless go forward
Sootootma and Blackclaw go forward to water and risen magician- she does magic to slow Heru leader and he calls magic cart
Tebbi makes magic on Heru leader to have laughing
L'lithyki makes magic to fly and other things

Breathers come closer and Basti send many arrows for us
Sebeki monster comes for Axes and falls under them
Risen magician makes magic for flames and breathers try to run through to get her but Blackclaw holds breathers
Sootootma charges breathers and they all fall in the flames when they run
Mindless and Heru breathers charge and fight but Heru run
Heru leader leaves magic cart and sends magic cart to fight Spears
Risen magician makes magic for flames for path of Heru leader and he runs in flames to destroy magician

Sootootma goes forward to fight Heru and they run
Spears fight and kill magic cart
Tebbi gives arrows to breather magician
Heru leader and Sootootma fight for Provocation and Sootootma takes Ka

Dispatches of Trub 3, aka Fort Wayne Game #13

Praise to the gods! May Ra and Thoth guide my hand...

Another one of Shefdu's Crypt Lords was Blackclaw, in life an infamous Basti rogue. Numerous reports show his exploits to have been noteworthy at the time. Blackclaw emerged in the city of Pharos as an above average thief and general nuisance to the authorities of the city. His specialty was temple theft but also included some high profile schemes. One such scheme involved gaining financial backers for an overseas expedition to 'a land drenched in gold'- the expedition was discovered to be made up of a derelict fishing boat and a blind Sebeki. After one too many such schemes, Blackclaw took to travelling Ægyptus and robbing or scheming when such opportunities presented themselves. Blackclaw met his fate in Oprinchot at the side of Tebbi the archer as they attempted to storm the temple of Amun outside the village...

Shefdu's warband came upon another area of ruins. Nearby another warband appeared, seemingly searching for something among the ruins. The day after this battle I discovered the following tattered papyrus in the scattered debris of Shefdu's camp:

Words of Sootootma return
In ruins for a defiant scroll we search
Alas breathers as well search for scroll
Sootootma and the mindless make center
Left is Tebbi and axes and Senshet
Right is spears and Kestru-toth and L'lithyki and Blackclaw

Sootootma goes forward to search for scroll and others go forward and breathers come closer... Breather magician makes magic to slow Sootootma and Sootootma stands by ruins to watch others

On Left Tebbi shoots at lions but soon they come to fight him... Axes go forward and fight with breather spears... Senshet searches for scroll and moves forward to search for scroll but breathers shoot many arrows to her

On Right spears move forward and end up fighting breather leader... Kestru-toth goes forward and breathers sling many stones to him but he fights with breather swords... L'lithyki makes magic and flies forward to search for scroll and makes more magic to blind breathers... Blackclaw moves forward to search for scroll and ends up to fight with breather swords

On Right Tebbi falls under lions... Axes fight more with breather spears
On Left Kestru-toth falls under breather swords and Blackclaw makes them to run... Spears and breather leader fight more... L'lithyki flies to look more for scroll and it is there but breather priestess fells L'lithyki and takes scroll

Sootootma trudges to Right to stop breather priestess to take scroll... Breather cart stops for breather priestess and new man jumps from hiding to kill her- scroll is on the sands... Breather leader comes to get Sootootma but Sootootma continues for scroll finding and new man goes for breather leader but catches many arrows

Sootootma is close to scroll as breather magician makes magic for spikes in sand on scroll... Scroll is lost in sands

Dispatches of Trub 2, aka Fort Wayne Game #12

Peace and praise to Ra and Thoth!

In life, the Crypt Lords of Shefdu Sootootma's warband came from widely varied backgrounds. Senshet was originally a City-dweller of Hermopolis. She was a warrior-scribe of some note (see 'Senshet's Account of the Siege at Dalpyl' and 'Waters of the Nile' her account of the campaign against the infamous Sebeki Harbinger Krutacht the Horrible) before arriving at Oprinchot to take command of the local militia. Nearly ten years Senshet was the guardian of Oprinchot with few major incidents. Her death came suddenly at the hands of an assassin one peaceful night. No one but Senshet knows who the assassin was or exactly why she was murdered....

Shefdu's warband continued to wander the fringes of Ankhara and came upon a ruined structure where they took shelter. The Necromancer was perhaps using the opportunity to commune with her dark gods for guidance on how to proceed. But her communion was cut short by the arrival of a Dispossessed Harbinger and his warband. What follows was found in the wake of Shefdu's warband, it seems to be the Scribe of Oblivion's own account of the clash with the Harbinger of Osiris:

"L'lithyki makes magic but breathers come near to the house
All hold for breathers to get close but mindless leave the house and eat rocks and arrows and the axes come 'round the side of the house
Breather spears and swords get close and breather leader runs in the house with blue firesword
Kestru-toth falls under blue firesword and axes charge breather spears
Sootootma and Senshet charge breather spears and kill them but then breathers in the house and take it
All leave the house to breathers and go on for finding Ankhara"

'peace breaks
foul flames leap low
breaking bones
daylight fades'

Ankhara Dispatches of Trub the Scribe, ...following Shefdu Sootootma 'Scribe of Oblivion'

Praise to Ra and Thoth! May my humble scribblings bring some measure of glory to them...

In life, the Tethru Harbinger Shefdu Sootootma was known as 'Scribe of the Dawn.' From what is known of his warband it was small and busied itself more with seeking lost scrolls and forgotten knowledge than battle. It is written in the Scroll of Fallen Harbingers {scroll viii, section 3} that the 'Scribe of the Dawn' was struck down by an unknown Typhon harbinger {alternately called Jinyrom, 'Devious Chem' and Pnemprodemb 'Set's Talon' in multiple sources but no other reference to these names can be found} deep in the desert while questing for the location of the lost city of Ankhara. Shefdu was entombed far from Hermopolis, near the village of Oprinchot, where he had once discovered a long lost cache of scrolls in a kamut field and was hailed as a local hero.

Shefdu's eternal rest was shattered when a vile Necromancer found his tomb and performed her disturbing magics upon him. Somehow the Necromancer had learned of Shefdu's obsession with Ankhara in life and used its recent rediscovery to help her control the resurrected Harbinger.

Shefdu's mummified warband was made up of dead from the necropolis of Oprinchot and a Sphynx Abomination that accompanied the necromancer. Shefdu also had three Crypt Lords as his lieutenants: Blackclaw, an infamous Basti rogue in life; Senshet, a heroine of Oprinchot in life; and Tebbi 'the archer,' a foul Asar witch in life. The main body of his warband was made up of two units of mummy warriors and a larger unit of horde mummies - all of these taken from tombs of Oprinchot's residents.

Shefdu's warband shambled its way toward Ankhara and came upon a partially buried ancient temple of Khanum. Another harbinger came across the ruins at the same time, a Sebeki with mostly Asar followers. Shefdu fell in provocation to the Sebeki harbinger but his warband managed to destroy two units of Asar archers and a unit of Sebeki warriors. The next morning, Shefdu's warband moved on but left behind was a scrap of papyrus with the following scrawled on it:
'orbs of rage clattering
gnashing sands stare up
fire and blood fail
dawn comes'

Shefdu and the Necromancer continued to lead their warband toward Ankhara. Near the outskirts of the city they came upon an oasis and a Harbinger of Bast leading his warband toward it. There was fierce fighting, but in the end the Basti held the oasis and Shefdu led his warband onward. Another scrap of papyrus was found in their wake:
'fiercely falling rain
dropped food
stiffened shafts break
scars speak'