Sunday, August 19, 2018

WarGods Minis Month 2018- Basti Backlash!

We continue with WarGods Minis Month and a batch of Basti Camp Followers! All of these have been sitting partially painted for over a year (some longer) so I forced myself to focus on them since they were already in progress.
I love the Basti figures, they were the first figs that drew me to WarGods of Ægyptus in a bygone epoch. Those Basti sword girls are still some of my favorites- but I've only painted a couple of them because I'm always afraid to get them wrong somehow. But when I focus and force myself to make the hard choices (which color for this part?) they turn out OK.

These two (the tambourine girl and the bongo guy) will serve as part of the band for the King of Memphis or one of the Duelling Bards in some skirmishes, hopefully.

I think I've got another of the fish eater that I now have a great conversion idea for...

I've painted the piper girl before and used her as a musician in a non-Basti unit because she looks so good. This one turned out fine, just don't look too close at her right leg...

I've also painted this harem girl before. I think the previous one has darker skin and a purple outfit. You can never have enough cute Basti hanging around.

Next time which one or more of these minis will be completed? Or could it be something completely out of left field?

We'll find out in abut a week or so, if I get some painting time in.

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