Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Three Sorcerers

All three part of WizarDecember over at Dead Dick's Tavern from Weeks 3 and 4.

An old Celtos mini painted as the Necromancer from my warband in the Crocodile Games Ankhara World Campaign from 2005. the original figure was long since lost in the mists of time so I did this Special Edition version that's probably much nicer than the original.

Another Dark Fable mini- the vizier figure who would make a fine Master of Words.

And finally, a Crocodile Games mini- Asar Mistress of Words. I've painted another version of this one before, but I feel this one is probably the nicer of the two.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Duelling Bards

Two more from the Dark Fable line of minis to help populate Ægyptus with more than just warriors and mummies. This time we've got the Duelling Bards. Blind Ankhlus and Big Bukka the Beloved of Bes once travelled and sang the greatest Nile Blues songs ever heard by mortals. But on a trip to Pharos at the Court of the Pleasure Seeker something neither bard will discuss happened that tore their lucrative partnership apart. Ever since that day they have taken to spitting harsh songs that are obvious jabs at the other as part of their new repertoires. Their legions of fans often clash in the streets if the two bards are in the same city...

 Blind Ankhlus still claims to have written the famous "Salad Song"by himself giving no credit to Bukka.

 Big Bukka, the Beloved of Bes, has become highly sought after because of the tales of his adventures off the stage that have inspired some of his best known songs ("Going Back to Heirakonpolis" "Her Arrows Were Poison" and  "The Apis Stomp" being major crowd favorites).

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dwarf Assassin (Dwarvember 2015 Mini)

Another one of the Dark Fable minis, this time the Dwarf Assassin. He shall be known as "Zartan of the Cult of the Cobra" for some secret reason. Which means there will be more of this Cult of the Cobra coming soonish.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lots of WarGods-ish Artifacts

 Lots from Crocodile Games and a couple from elsewhere.

 So I had this extra Sphinx head in my Ægyptus bits and I wanted to do something cool with it. Since I have a crazy dream of one day organizing and finding people who want to play a massive WarGods-based dungeon crawl game someday, I've often made treasure bits that would fit that sort of thing. So maybe it's an Excalibur-like kopesh held tight in the jaws of the Sphinx only to be removed by the true Pharaoh.

 Apis statue, partway painted since soon after it was released.

 Sadly the only part of the Olympus Amazons shipment that is completed so far- the Amazon armor rack.

Another long partially painted piece. I've decided this is the Ark of the Phoenix.

Another good dungeon crawl bit here- an old Ral Partha "research area."

 From Alex Bates' Forge of Ice, a Sleestack Library Skull. I tried to give it a sort of "crystal skull" look but it didn't turn out how I imagined.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

100th Post- Lots of Angry Greek Chicks

The WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter Amazons arrived over a week ago. I haven't had time to finish any of the minis yet, but a few are started and I have roughly planned out what my Amazon Warband will look like by units (not too hard since that was part of the Kickstarter.

 2 Hoplite units (one with 12 Amazons the other with 15), a Peltast unit, an Archer unit, a unit of Swords and some characters. Close to 70 minis in all. That's a lot of painting, but unlike with Ægyptus, I am planning this warband out from the beginning instead of my more favored "those minis look cool- let's do a unit of them!" method that somehow led to several viable Warbands for Ægyptus.

I hope to get the Warband completed before GenCon this year... yeah that sounds like it will happen. I've started on a few of the minis that came in my big box of figs.

 Amazon armor rack- it's almost finished as an objective marker with a nice marble floor.

Chris Fitzpatrick is one of my favorite sculptors of female minis because he just makes them look really good. This Demigoddess of Artemis is maybe my favorite female of the Kickstarter minis- but it's a tough choice.

I've really come to love the Demigoddess of Hecate too. She is vying for favorite Kickstarter female mini with the Artemis DG above.

The Helen of Troy mini is also really good. Don't worry, her dress is not going to end up that brown color.

And finally the Oracle of Delphi, another really great female sculpt.

There weren't only these female minis in the box of metal- I didn't get pictures of all the other 9 Demigods or the Automatons back with an extra Bronze Bull. They'll make an appearance eventually.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Harbinger, an Embalmer, and a Scribe

...walk into a bar.

The first painted minis of 2015!!! A couple of these were going to be included in the previous WarGods Minis Month but the last few months of 2014 were pretty hectic and painting was pretty limited.

First up, The Bobby Jackson Heru Harbinger Dargu-Ra (not the Warband Starter one withe hand hanging from his belt). I thought of the feather as a phoenix feather and the helmet as some special 

 Next up, my weak version of Akori's (Joe from the Crocodile Games Forums) excellent Anubi Embalmer conversion based on an illustration in the WarGods of Ægyptus rulebook. The only thing I did was slap the plastic barrel on his back (presumably full of natron for embalming stuff) and attach a couple other plastic bits to make it look interesting.

 And finally, a scribe by Dark Fable Miniatures. I really like how this guy came out. He's got some writing on his body as practice or maybe some kind of written magic/protection.