Sunday, July 7, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 12

I thought the Wargames Factory plastic Amazons were cool (which they are), but these Victrix plastic Hoplites are just as cool!
 In the Croc Kickstarter I went for the Amazons, mostly, because they're the figures and theme that I felt was most exciting. then I picked up these Athenians and decided a few phalanxes of Athenians and possibly mercenaries or something would be pretty cool too. There are "Battle Honors" that city-states can get for their phalanxes-- this first batch of Athenians has the "Poseidon's Faithful" Battle Honor (at least they have that option once the rules come out) which means they each need to have a trident on their shield. I rarely paint units up in any sort of regimented way, so each one of these first 7 (probably just 5 more of these guys to complete the phalanx) has a different trident on his shield...
 The 3rd from left is not only one of my favorite poses I put together so far, but also the favorite shield.

 The middle guy is my other favorite pose so far (along with the headswap to add more variety because I don't like the remaining helmets on the sprue). I also really like these last 2 shields on the right with their more abstract tridents...

 The Poseidon's Faithful form up against some Titans!

For comparison purposes- (left to right) Wargamse Factory Amazon, Victrix Athenian, Crocodile Games Spartan, Victrix Athenian, and Crocodile Games Heru. Not a bad fit since they'll be in their own units...

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