Thursday, July 4, 2013

WarGods Minis Month'13 Update 11

So my plan for a Titan warband is to have almost every Titan be different from the others (especially the Slaves). So I've been gathering lots of larger minis together for years now in anticipation of starting the painting and construction. With the extension of WarGods Minis Month through this weekend I had to put a few together and get them painted...

 One of the Crocodile Games Titan Slaves.

 A Privateer Bridge Troll that is currently my favorite of all the Titans painted so far.

 And finally a Growler fromt he Vor line of minis.

 A couple comparison shots with one of the Crocodile Games Minotaurs.

And finally, some human-sized figures (Wargames Factory Amazons) up against the Slaves.

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