Sunday, June 9, 2013

WarGods Minis Month '13 Update 03

 The latest update for WarGods Minis Month finds 2 Olympus minis form Crocodile Games (both released years ago at GenCon not part of the current Kickstarter).

First up the original Demigoddess of Artemis. I've had her started for several years now but I've just never been able to force myself into finishing her until now. I like this sculpt but I'm really looking forward to the Kickstarter Artemis figure.

Then we've got a Minotaur-- or in this case a slight conversion of the Ægyptus hero Menthu Hathor-hotep. This figure can be used as either the Apis son of Ra and Hathor,Menthu (from fluff for a campaign warband and possible skirmish campaign) to a nasty Minotaur for infamous Olympus warbands.

I should get a shot of this guy with the first Minotaur I painted and actually used in the campaign (the one with the big axe).

Here's an overhead view of the base with a battered shield.
More to come...

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