Sunday, April 8, 2012

Isis Redo Completed

the shield for her to stand on was easy enough to finish. the real hard part was finding some really small bits for my pin vise that would allow me to extend the hole for pinning the spearhead so it would be more secure than ever before. After the spearhead was securely attached and the Gorilla Superglue dried for about a day I was ready to throw it all together...

Overhead view to show off how the shield fits on the base.

Finally, a comparison view of the original base next to the 'standing on a Typhon shield' base suggested by Alex. THANKS ALEX!

So my first Isis Harbinger miniature is once more ready to take to the tabletop and exact righteous vengeance on those who have caused such grief to her Goddess. But there are at least tow more Isis minis I have. Hopefully we'll see another version soon, if we dare...

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