Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ashara Voice of the Tuat- Recondite Cabal Crypt Lady

"When she breathed, Ashara was known to her Basti brothers and sisters as 'the voice of honey.' All that changed when she was awakened by the Necromancers. Her once beautiful voice now carries the torment and pain of the Tuat. To our kind it is still wonderful but the breathers are often stricken with paralyzing fear when she sings her haunting song of Tuat." -Shefdu Sootootma, Scribe of Khepri

Finally finished is the Reaper Mummy Chick conversion into a superior Eater heroine of the Second Battle of Ankhara. She eventually came to Shefdu's attention to join his Recondite Cabal.

|_Mv_|_Wnd_|_#Att_|_Att |_Def |_Mis_|_Arc_|_Disc_|_Pts_|
|_5__|___3__|__2__|__6_|__6_|__7__|__7_ |__7__|_76_ |
•Light Armor AR 2
•Claws DM1
•Bow DM0
•Haunting Song of Tuat-
On her activation Ashara makes an Arc vs Arc Test against all living units in her forward 180° arc within 21". If she succeeds they lose their command counter.

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