Sunday, March 25, 2012

Isis Speartip Conversion Voting

So I converted the limited edition Isis Harbinger to have a cool short spear.  She's killed lots and lots  of foes with it...
 ...but, despite the excellent look of it, it often comes loose from the pin because it literally drags on the tabletop.

I've become tired of fixing it every few months and want to know if I should simply redo the pinjob with a longer pin and some additional precautions (not sure what) or switch the speartip out for a different model ad see how that fares?
 Here are the four options:
A- swordblade from a Tethru conversion (almost as long as the current speartip)
B- plastic GW speartip (slightly modified so it will be shorted and lighter than the original)
C- original speartip (with further modifications to help secure it better)
D- Horus hawk speartip (massive overhaul adding this different but shorter speartip)

I shall allow voting to go on until April 3rd and once the tally is complete my actions will be swift and just. That means I hope to have pics of the fix up by April 13. Thanks for your votes/opinions in advance.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Archers- 2 Satyrs and an Asar Female Standard Bearer

This is one of the Ngoni female warriors from Copplestone. I added the standard to her open right hand because it just looked like that sort of thing would fit. The standard is made of a couple of WarGods minis bits left over from previous conversions.

I decided to paint her 'clothes' so she would fit in with the Heirakonpolis-themed Archer unit as their Standard Bearer since she's actually got a bow unlike the original intended Standard.

Here she is with some of the other Heirakonpolis Archers, there are three more archers close to finished that will complete the unit...

More pictures of this Satyr Hero conversioncan be found at the main Minismith blog.
I like how he turned out, but the pipes on his quiver may need some tarting up so they look a little better.

I think this is the third Crocodile Games Satyr I've completed. I really like these guys and they are, so far, my favorite Olympus minis (after the Artemis Demigoddess).