Monday, August 29, 2011

New Monster for WarGods- Mournful Seraph

Mournful Seraph
From an earlier more ancient time come the Mournful Seraphs. Angelic-looking beings that appear to be made of stone, they are often mistaken for statues until it’s too late. A Seraph cannot move when living eyes fall upon it, but when those eyes close for even the briefest blink the Seraph moves with incredible speed towards their victim. The touch of a Seraph can banish a living being from reality- as if they had never been. It is unknown if the Seraphs are working toward some hidden goal or merely savage

Base 25mm Square
DM 3      AR 5

Blink- At the start of each turn the Seraph rolls a D10 to see if it can move this turn. A roll of 8, 9, or 10 allows the angel to move. If the Seraph is engaged in melee there is no need for the roll, it can attack and defend itself in combat.

Banishment- Instead of engaging in melee combat the Seraph may banish its victim from reality. This is an Arc vs Arc Test by the Seraph. If it succeeds the victim makes an Arc Save to remain in reality. The victim must be in base to base contact.

Resistance to Arrows- The stone skin of a Seraph protects it from most missile weapons. Arrows, spears and javelins give the Seraph a +2 to it’s AR.

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