Friday, August 5, 2011

August Reinforcements for the Traveller's Luminaries

Final reinforcements for the Pandora's Box Campaign. Shefdu explains whom he took from the scrolls this time:

Kuchish, Uatchet's Tongue (Uraei {tethru} Master of Words)
The Grand Aegis of Hemati was filled with Ægyptians from all races. There were no less than five great sorcerers in her Aegis, chief amongst them was Kuchish. Kuchish was known as 'Uatchet's Tongue' because he was thought to be the goddess' consort with knowledge of her secrets. His skill with the hekau matched any Tethru sorcerer of the age. Perhaps his grasp of the arcane will prove especially useful to the Luminaries...

The Chariot of Amerotke (Tethru Chariot)
The Tethru charioteer, Amerotke, is best known for his precise charge into the midst of the bloodthirsty horde of Nekharu invaders near the Colossi of Memnon. His chariot and crew managed to fly into the heart of the invaders and literally behead their leader. This turned the tide of battle in favor of the defenders of Ægyptus and the Nekharu were routed back to the south to plot anew...

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