Sunday, July 24, 2011

WIP Flying Wizard Skulls- The Synod

I’ve had this idea for a very long time- a bunch of flying mummy heads. There was a Hellboy story (and part of one of the animated films) that had a bunch of ghosts whose heads would leave their bodies at night and they would fly around causing trouble- that probably helped spark this idea. They were originally called ‘the braintrust’ and were meant to be a part of the Undead Shefdu’s Recondite Cabal. Their story then was that Shefdu had the heads of several prominent dead people gathered from around Ægyptus. He then had the Necromancers perform some horrible reanimation spell so that he could draw upon the heads’ experiences and talents for the greater glory of the Eater of the Dead. I still might do something along those lines but more of a flock of angry mummy heads that just chomp on people like flying piranha.

More recently I came back to actually planning how to do a miniature of ‘the braintrust’ and realized that fewer heads would be better in both look and construction. Since 3 is a magic number I decided to go with that. The name had to be changed so a thesaurus search brought me to ‘Synod.’ It sounds cool and it sort of fits.

The fluff changed to make the heads those of three powerful wizards who gave their lives casting an incredibly powerful spell to stop some horrible ancient evil thing from doing something terribly nasty—I’ll flesh it out more at a later date. The spell consumed all but their skulls and they were buried together in a big fancy tomb in Ankhara. This is where it gets murky, I’m thinking that they should be good undead brought back to help fight the Eater and other foes of Ægyptus by some Anubi meddling with dark lore that was stolen from a Tethru library of forbidden knowledge.

I found some cheap head bits (plastic GW because I really don’t want to cut up some nice Crocodile Games figs for this even though it’ll be awesome) that well matched my sketch. Now all that’s left is to make them fly with magical wisps of wire. I’m going to use the Sherden shield from Alex Bates’ Forge of Ice on the base to help cover up the wires and make the whole thing look better.

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  1. Cool to see one of my shields being used in a diorama/custom build! Looking forward to seeing the finished project, Clarke!