Friday, May 20, 2011

Mabuki vs Annomen [Punishment of the Priestess/Khemru Orator]

The To-Tanem champion Lazuli, a fine but often overlooked member of the warband, brought news to me of an openly corrupt Priestess of Bast whom he had encountered on his return to our warband from his home in Memphis. The Priestess Snaffarhi used her status to gain entry into households on the outskirts of Memphis where she would then steal priceless family artifacts. Lazuli brought her presence in one of the Set Faction's warbands to my attention after one of the countless intelligence meetings the Heru Harakty holds every few days.

Our warband was on the lookout for Snaffarhi in the warband of Annomen, an Asar Harbinger of Bast. From what poor missing Trub had reported to me as he had followed Shefdu's movements in the newly risen Ankhara, Annomen had been in the area since then. During the Rise of Khepri at the Second Battle of Ankhara, Annomen was nowhere near the fighting. Some reports mark him as one of the many who looted tombs as Khepri gained his foothold in the land.

Following various reports on the Set Faction's movements, we finally caught up to Annomen outside the small village of Epoch Bend. A wandering Khemru Priest inserted himself between the two warbands, exhorting us to lay down our arms and embrace as brothers. It was a nice thought but those following Set in these current troubles are incapable of such actions.

Annomen, following the harsh tenets of Set mixed with Basti trickery, ordered his Master of Words to cast 'Arrows Ablaze' on his largest unit of archers and had the archers then fire on the defenseless priest. For that they would pay. Kojhak, the Khemru champion, was leading the Mallets (my To-Tanem unit) this day. He managed to get them across the field under the bows of that Priest-killing unit with minimal casualties. The Mallets routed the Basti Archers with a good beating.

On my far left, Lazuli was leading the Hard Bits (my Sebeki unit) with Ra-Sobek at their side to hunt down Snaffarhi. They went up against Annomen's Asar Spears and routed them, but the Priestess used the time and another Basti bow unit to get away. She has disappeared from the area, likely headed back to Bubastis, where she will probably go unpunished for her crimes. Perhaps a trip to Bubastis will be undertaken once this civil war is resolved.

On the far right, I opted to challenge Annomen to Provocation. I let him come to me as I cast Fiery Aspect upon myself to aid me against his heavy armor. But his Basti training made him too quick, despite his heavy armor. Somehow his blows got past my shield and he dodged my attacks. Our Provocation took place near the hill from which Hotep the Spy and the Punctuation of Maat were firing upon various targets. When they saw me fall, Hotep rallied the Asar and led them into battle against Annomen. The Punctuation and Hotep brought down the Harbinger of Bast! With Annomen's fall much of his warband fled...

-from Mabukitoth-Re's 'Accounts from Fokhara and the War Against the Followers of Set'

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