Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Slight Alteration to the Duelling Scrolls

I’ve been thinking about starting a WarGods blog where I could put random thoughts and stuff having to do with various WarGods-related topics. I’ve got this Shefdu-Mabuki 'Duelling Scrolls' blog that seems like it would be a one-trick pony. Sure it could be maintained by the mass of unwritten material about 2 of my top 5 favorite Harbingers. But  it could also be expanded to cover my whole WarGods obsession.

That’s what’s going to happen.

We’ll still have Shefdu and Mabuki stuff (especially with Shefdu’s Luminaries being my warband for the Pandora’s Box Campaign) but we’ll also have this and that. From theoretical warbands- the Sebeki slinger warband, the ‘Chariot Wind’ warband, the illegal and immoral Babylonian warband of God-King Hammurapi – to scenario ideas and more.

Finally, a goal we’ll all be working towards is to have pics of the Anubi  “mutant” Master of Words conversion I sent off to Alex far too long ago to worry about when it’s coming back. :) Even if it arrived tomorrow, he’d only be the 5th or 6th finished Anubi mini in my collection so I’m not urgently needing it, take your time Alex…

PS- And now the stupid 'spell-checked' version of Duelling into "Dueling" is fixed for good. What is the deal with this change from how I learned to spell? Double "L"s are cool!

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