Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mabukitoth-Re 'The Concise', Shefdu's Former Padawan

I bade farewell to Hermopolis, where I was born and raised, to learn the ways of a warrior-scribe in the service of the Harbinger Shefdu Sootootma. In his warband I found my path as a warrior and eventually one of Sootootma's inner circle.

My skill as a warrior-scribe gained the recognition of Thoth, all glory to him, and I was made a Harbinger after I accomplished several deeds for the greater glory of Thoth. Master Sootootma proudly taught me the way of the Harbingers and aided me in the formation of my own warband.

I left Master Sootootma to follow my heart's calling of uniting all of Ra's Children to make Ægyptus strong again. Master Sootootma went back to his lifelong quest to find the lost city of Ankhara- specifically the tomb of an ancient Harbinger of Uatchet named Hemati. I received word from Sootootma of a great discovery he had made and that he wished to meet with me. But I was delayed and arrived too late to do anything but mourn the 'Scribe of the Dawn.' He was struck down by a Typhon Harbinger too cowardly to declare his deed.

Since that day I have sought Sootootma's murderer. Other events have often impeded this mission, but I have always returned to it. Through the years I have lost other dear friends to misfortune- such as Liatha 'Golden Claw of Bast'; Sampau 'The Hammer of Memphis'; and Mnyft 'Chariot Maiden of the Setting Sun.'

Recently I learned that Master Sootootma's eternal rest was interrupted by a foul Necromancer and that this mockery of his form made its way to the newly uncovered City of the Dead, Ankhara. Sootootma stood at the right hand of Khepri and is now one of that undead godling's chief agents.

Now with rumblings of a Typhon uprising and the unknown status of my agent in Ankhara, events in Ægyptus draw the land further into chaos. The time has come for unity and if the Children of Ra will not listen to reason they will listen to my blade.

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