Monday, May 23, 2011

Mabuki's List of Grudges

-Unknown Typhon murderer of Shefdu Sootootma 'Scribe of Oblivion' (now known to be Neper-Hotep)

-Simbu 'Cracking Maw of the Marsh' for his wanton destruction of civilians
-Chaggutai Babylonian God-King murderer of Sampau 'The Hammer of Memphis'
-Sneferu- The Sting of Set, for his dastardly tactics in Pharos and wanton disregard of civilians on the field of battle
-Nisari 'The Widow's Wail' for her borderline use of witchcraft
-Akila, Upholder of Ma'at's Decree, for his stubborn interpretation of the Scrolls of Ba'Olath, and failure to see the merit of new interpretations
-Mo-Seth, the Warden of Ankhara for failing in his duty to protect the City of the Dead
-Nebseni Hammerhand Famous Anubi harbinger, for joining the Typhon faction despite long sessions of reason pointing out the error of that choice
-Setnakht the Grievous Glaive, Infamous Typhon Harbinger of Set  for his lawless attacks outside the city of Pharos, especially the murders of a school of young Scribes

-Hetshepsu 'Banisher of the Undead... Defender Against Set'- cowardly attack from behind
-Ak'ama the Bloodboil for turning his back on the Horus Faction and becoming a complete outlaw, neither for nor against the Horus or Typhon Factions
- Ashai-Menetnashte one of Shefdu's cabal- conduit to Sootootma
-Harakhty self-appointed head of the Horus Faction- mismanagement of the struggle against Set and general haughtyness
-Chike Harakhty's lapdog- cowardly attack from behind

{Autor's Note: This list contains some actual harbingers that have been whacked and some made up ones for Mabui's fluff. The ones with lines through them have been smote by Mabuki or someone else (mostly by Mabuki).}

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