Friday, May 20, 2011

Mabuki vs Harakhty [Shopping Trip/Clash of The Gods]

From Shefdu Sootootma's Personal Scrolls-
Mabuki has followed most of the clues I have left for him, poor boy seems to actually think he has discovered them on his own. The latest was word of a destroyed caravan near his camp. The caravan was filled with artifacts from near Ankhara, items Mabuki couldn't resist investigating for some sign of whatever activities he imagines I am undertaking.

Unfortunately for Mabuki, the Heru Harakhty, the self-appointed Guardian of the Nome, also received news of the caravan. Being a good Heru, he took it upon himself to investigate the carnage and assist any survivors. These two have little use for each other and despite both being part of the Horus Faction in the current civil war among the breathers, they and their captains came to blows over what was left on the field.

Mabuki and his Sorceress, Moonfeather, flew to the rooftop of a small building near the center of the field. From there Mabuki let loose several arrows at Harakhty's force, singling out the Embalmer in particular. Moonfeather used her hekau to try to slow Harakhty's force. When that had little affect, she flew into the thick of the battle and tried again. That gave her some success, but the Heru force was too stubborn to let a few hekau slow it down.

On the northern edge of the field, Mabuki's Scribe, Spy and Khemru champion searched the wreckage and soon found themselves apart from most of the action. The Scribe and Spy headed south to investigate more of the wreckage, while the Khemru chose to charge into the fray, exchanging blows with an Asar Champion, but neither gaining the advantage. Harakhty's elephant aimed for Mabuki's Artifex as she investigated wreckage on a small hill. She fought with the beast, but it was too strong, even for her solid frame. The Spy then charged the Beastmaster from behind, but found herself locked in combat with the beast once its master was felled.

On the southern edge of the field, Sakharra led the Beloved and Mabuki's Asar Champion against Harakhty himself. The Champion held back and let loose some arrows at the Heru Harbinger as the Beloved charged forward to fight. Sakharra attacked from the side, but Harakhty quickly dispatched her, annoyed that a fellow Heru was not in his own warband. The Beloved and Harakhty exchanged blows, with the Beloved gaining the upper hand.

Mabuki flew from the rooftop just short of the melee, a tactic I taught him long ago. It warms me to see he has not forgotten some of the things I taught him. He held back for a few moments before charging into Provocation with Harakhty. He should probably have held back a few more moments. The fearsome Aspect of the Defender made Harakhty a bit too strong even in his weakened state.

But Mabuki's Scribe managed to find something his little mind thought to be of some importance. Utet managed to avoid the Heru warriors long enough to get his prize off the field unmolested...

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