Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Hierakonpolis Feint, Hemati & Shefdu vs Chike & Harakhty & Hierakonpolis

From the Scrolls of Shefdu Sootootma:
The breathers of Hierakonpolis and their allies were well forewarned of our impending attack. I took with me a portion of the Ankhara City Guard. My beloved Hemati and her warband accompanied us, as well as the famed 'Nightmare Lords.'

Few of those present knew of the true plan behind our attack on the City of Horus. My Lord Khepri desired objects believed to be in Hierakonpolis' sister city Eleithiopolis. Left empty since the Nekharu civil war ages ago, Eleithiopolis still holds many secrets for those who know what beings to ask. The main stumbling block to rediscovering those secrets was the vigilant Heru guardians of the quiet city. Thus our assault on Hierakonpolis was not as sudden or surprising as it could have been. Our massive force reached the Hierakonpolis Gates right on schedule, after taking a direct route through the desert mainly during daylight hours to be seen by as many breather eyes as possible.

Most of the Eleithiopolis guardians had been recalled to help in the defense of Hierakonpolis. And, despite the current Typhon and Heru struggles, some breather Harbingers came to the city's defense. Among these were the Heru Harakhty, the self-appointed Guardian of the Nome, and the Asar servant of Ptah Chike. Mabuki was led elsewhere by my shadowy hand, I have grander plans for the boy...

My beloved Hemati led our left flank charge at the gates. She was joined by Seneshet, my trusted Crypt Lady, and several groups of horde mummies from the Ankhara City Guard. Hemati led from 'The Long Reach,' her unit of mummy archers to better direct their fire. The would-be Heru Pharaoh, Harakhty led the forces opposite Hemati.

An exchange of chariots led off Hemati's wing of the attack. Seneshet's chariot charged forward under heavy fire from the walls. Seneshet crashed into a unit of Khemru slingers to keep their stones from flying. A breather chariot charged into the mass of horde mummies and soon fell under their slow blades.

Sejetmu's Pirates charged into combat with Harakhty as the Heru was engaged with Seneshet. The Pirates helped keep Harakhty entangled so that the main attack on the gates would be unhindered by breather harbingers.

My beloved separated from the archers and charged into Provocation with Harakhty. It was a titanic struggle, Harakhty with his large Aspect of the Defender body and Hemati with her well-preserved Aspect of the Cobra body. They circled each other and struck with ferocity. Hemati traded wound for wound with Harakhty for quite a while. Once the Heru realized he was the lone breather outside the walls of Hierakonpolis he broke off Provocation and Hemati let him go since her part in the Feint was fulfilled.

As for my own actions, I followed the second wave of mummy spears through the defenders of the gate. Once through the gate and into the city I waded into a unit of breathers, stealing their breath. When it was clear that the Feint had succeeded, I grabbed a Heru banner from within the city and withdrew.

The force that entered Eleithiopolis unopposed was able to gather items and information that will be of use in the battles to come....

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