Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hemati, Shiver of the Lands, Shefdu's Girlfriend

'As ripples on the water, her being radiates to all hearts she nears'

Never has that been truer than now, since my beloved Hemati has become the most beautiful Harbinger in service to my lord, the Risen Khepri. Her serpentine form, a remnant of the Aspect of Uatchet gift she had in life, is nearly perfectly preserved- yes, they did know how to embalm back then.

She is among many restored Harbingers whom Khepri has set the task of softening the breather resistance before our next step in claiming Ægyptus for the Eater. She is joined by the Necromancer Jhondru 'Khepri's Kiss' and his Scarab Ogre. The Crypt Lord Sejetmu and his newly reformed band of Nile pirates should provide her with a strong core. Also, the Crypt Lord Zenubeti 'Khanum's Disgrace' and the Abomination Chedmebd 'The Quiet One' give her strong tools to deploy against any foe she may meet.

Although parting from her so soon after finding her is almost intolerable, I know we will be together in the end. I will be watching her from afar and counting the nights until we are once more together.
-Shefdu Sootootma,
Chosen Scribe of Khepri

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