Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Exploits of Mabukitoth-Re, As Recorded by Utet, Serene Plauditor

For Thoth and Mabukitoth-Re I, Utet, Serene Plauditor, write these words for all time.

Our leader, Mabukitoth-Re, has led us to the region near Ankhara called Fokhara. This necropolis was founded quite some time after the initial founding of Ankhara, but its history has been told elsewhere numerous times. The reader is assumed to have access to the various histories of Ankhara and Fokhara to enlighten themselves about the region at their leisure. Our arrival found us not long waiting for battle. Mabuki's sources had informed him of a magical artifact that he felt would be useful in his intended struggle with the Typhon, their allies, and eventually his former mentor the undead Harbinger Shefdu Sootootma. As we approached this tomb another warband led by a Heru Harbinger arrived in the valley via a different route. Mabuki would not be denied and formed up the warband for battle.

Mabuki himself led the Swordmasters of Hoethet (Memphis Chapter) as they fired on the Anubi Tomb Guardians. Hat-Mehit, the Asar Artifex, led the 'Hard Bits' Sebeki Unit on their lumbering charge towards the tomb entrance- their slow pace was slowed even more by the Heru Master of Words and the hekau of Land's Despite. Neit, the Asar champion, took her unit of Asar, 'the Punctuation of Ma'at,' to the top of a nearby dune where they exchanged bowfire with the Heru's Basti unit of archers. It was hard fought for her, but Neit's bows eventually caused the Basti to flee the field of battle. Guarding our rear was the Beloved of Sobek, Ra-Sobek, and 'Mabuki's Mallets,' the unit of To-Tanem warriors. The Mallets valiantly tried to engage the Heru's unit of Khemru slingers, but the Khemru evaded them and managed to sling stones with precise accuracy to deplete the Children of Ptah's resolve. Ra-Sobek was taken out of the battle early when he was engaged by a chariot and a Heru hero on foot. Finally, near me on the battlefield, was Nefibi Moonfeather, Mabuki's trusted companion the Tethru Mistress of Words. She lent her assistance with hekau to the rest of the warband where she could. When the rear defenses collapsed she took flight closer to the temple entrance.

The Heru Harbinger made his way slowly forward along with the rest of his warband, but Mabuki fought on, ready to lead the Swordmasters into a drawn out engagement, if need be. Only at the behest of Nefibi, who by this time had flown to the roof of the tomb after being wounded by the Heru's Asar Spy, did Mabuki call a halt to the battle. We discovered that the Heru was Harakhty, pledged to restore order and security to the Fokhara region. Harakhty seems to have the qualities that may allow him to become the Heru Warlord of the Fokhara region in defense against the Typhon....

Soon after this battle we found ourselves in a nearby labyrinth seeking the Fountain of Akala's Tears, a regionally well-known mythical pool of healing waters. The action was very chaotic, with many other Harbingers and their Captains also discovering the labyrinth at the same time. I was not witness to much of what transpired, becoming separated from Mabuki and the others very early on, but eventually Harakhty and his Captains held the Pool as well as the labyrinthine complex itself. There was much talk of a Typhon Harbinger who sealed off an area of the labyrinth with the use of his Mistress of Words' Spiky Ground hekau. Also rumors of multiple Provocations within the Pool itself reached my ears. It is claimed that slain Harbingers fell into the Pool only to rise again moments later, healed of their wounds. Mabuki himself relates having defeated a Typhon Harbinger – a different individual than the aforementioned Typhon – who then arose from the Pool. Then, Mabuki contends, he was himself felled in Provocation by the Heru Harbinger Hetshepsu, only to rise from the waters healed of his wounds.

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