Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Battle of the Lost Temple of Khepri, Hemati vs. the Heru Alliance

From the Scrolls of Shefdu Sootootma:

After our Feint on Hierakonpolis my suspicions of the breathers concealing something of monumental import were confirmed. My agents from both the Horus and Set factions of the breather civil war sent word that the hidden monastery of Lord Khepri's former priesthood had been discovered in a hidden valley in a deep desert. Marching on the location were a small Typhon force lead by the Infamous Neper-Hotep, and the combined warbands of the would-be Heru Pharaoh, Harakhty, and his pet Asar Chike. Both sides were likely seeking to threaten the newly rediscovered priesthood into supporting their faction.

My duty lay elsewhere, as I needed to meet with those who had raided Eleithiopolis while we battered Hierakonpolis' gates. And so it fell to my beloved Hemati to rush to this forgotten monastery to try and arrive before the breathers. Unfortunately, the delay in our receiving this information caused her to arrive long after the battle had begun.

It appeared the Typhon held the courtyard of the monastery when Hemati arrived, but the overwhelming numbers of Heru and their allies would soon likely turn the tide. Hemati and Neper-Hotep silently agreed to a truce between their warbands to focus all their efforts against the combined Heru force. Most of the combined Heru force were headed for the central ramp leading to the courtyard. If they managed to secure the ramp for their own use, the battle would surely be theirs. Hemati committed her warband to stalling the Heru advance to the ramp. The mummies charged into combat with Asar and To-Tanem units blocking the way to the ramp. These breathers were handily dispatched. The focus then turned to a pair of elephants and their handler, as well as more To-Tanem, who were next in the line before the ramp.

The Asar follower of Ptah, Chike, separated from his warriors in a bid to challenge Hemati to Provocation. But instead, he found himself attacked by Sejetmu, Dread Axe of the Nile, from one side and by a terrible Typhon hero from the other. Before Hemati could reach the Asar for Provocation he fell to the blows of this alliance of convenience.

Hemati spotted the Heru Harakhty headed towards the ramp, and tried to make her way through the fighting to finish the Provocation they had begun days earlier at Hierakonpolis. Sejetmu's Pirates marched in front of her towards the ramp, blocking her way. Sejetmu himself rushed to the aid of Jhondru the Necromancer, who was under attack by a lone Heru. The battle shifted towards the Heru favor as all saw Neper-Hotep fall under the weight of two Heru units and a Beastmaster with lions on the courtyard at the top of the ramp. With that, most of the Typhon warband routed, leaving Hemati as the sole focus of the combined Heru force. She knew that even with one of the allied harbingers down, her small warband would not last long against such superior numbers. She withdrew, studying the terrain in preparation for a future assault, if Lord Khepri wills it.

My meeting with the Eleithiopolis raiders informed me that Mabuki was outside the city as they left. The boy managed to scatter the raiders, but most of the items they were sent to find were safe. Something must be done about Mabuki soon, before he manages to disrupt any more of my plans...

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