Monday, May 23, 2011

Battle at the Pool of Everlasting Serenity, Mabuki's Take on the Horus vs Set GenCon Finale

The visions of my death have returned since our victory at the Pool of Everlasting Serenity. I reluctantly joined forces with Harakhty and Chike to confront an unholy alliance of foreign beasts from far off lands, led by a pale Asar witch; two Khemru harbingers in thrall to the Typhon, no doubt convinced to join the Set Faction through threats and lies; and a band of Olympian mercenaries, led by an exotic Demigoddess. This massive force was spotted entering Upper Ægyptus some days before they were confronted in battle. I soon discerned their destination.

Although his self-appointed post as Commander of the Horus Faction in the Nome is frustrating, Harakhty's efficiency helped greatly to determine the alliance's destination. The Heru and his brute, Chike, came to our camp under the Horus banner seeking my help confronting this alliance before they could do any harm to the Nome. Going over Harakhty's various reports it soon became clear to me where their destination lie. One unconfirmed report was of a strange glow at the Colossi of Memnon. This incident stuck out as the most likely target for the alliance. Somehow they had either caused or learned of whatever was causing this magical glow. It took some convincing but eventually my reluctant comrades agreed it was worth investigating further.

When we arrived at the Colossi the foreign alliance was also arriving. As Harakhty barked orders to our combined army, I noticed an object of unmistakable power resting in the Pool of Everlasting Serenity at the abandoned temple complex near the Collossi. As we prepared to engage, the Ice Witch caused a terrible storm of frozen air to swirl around the Pool and a great distance from it.

Harakhty and I charged forward to the Pool to investigate the object at the center of the conflict. Being in the Aspect of the Defender, Harakhty easily arrived at the object first and displayed typical Heru erudition by attacking it with his flail. His pounding threw sparks but did little, if any, damage. Before I could reach the Pool and properly investigate, a pack of giant wolf-like beasts were upon Harakhty. Investigation of the object would have to wait as the immediate battle now took precedence.

The battle was fierce on all sides. Chike and I held the Pool from the Wendigo attempts to seize the object as Harakhty engaged the Ice Witch. A fierce day of fighting saw us beat back the foreign alliance. Harakhty made preparations to set up a garrison to guard the Pool until the object could better be investigated and possibly moved. I was discouraged from further investigation because my presence was required back at Hierakonpolis to report on the conflict and help protect the city from an unlikely attack. At least Chike was also sent away, assigned to patrol the coast to the East.

Upon our return to Hierakonpolis the visions I had thought I was rid of returned to me in the night. Long ago the Harbinger of Isis, Nisari, placed a vision of my final fate into my mind. Her witchcraft haunted me for quite some time until I found some relief from an herbalist in Pharos. It is the same as before, but I now understand more of the details.

I awaken in a dark tent. I emerge into a great hall filled with many people. In the vision I know them all, but in wakefulness I still only recognize a small number of them. I am led to the front of the hall and given a drink. In the liquid I see my reflection, but my reflection is that of Thoth! As I ponder this oddity the living Shefdu Sootootma comes to my side and says 'It is the time.' He leads me outside and hands me his mace. 'Yours now.' I now recognize the setting of this part of the vision as somewhere in Ankhara. I am facing a faceless army with only Sootootma at my side. The faceless army charges and we are engulfed...

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