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The 2010 Golden Fleece Campaign- Nabchukh the Nefarious

Since the 2009 campaign was set back in the Aten Heresy neither Shefdu nor Mabuki were involved (both became harbingers sometime after then so the timeline doesn't fit- there are some temporal rules not to be broken!). That meant I could use the other awesome Harbinger character with a rather large amount of fluff- the hare-headed Wenenut 'Daughter of Isis Chosen of Thoth.' More on her some other time, even though she's one of my favorites.

So the 2010 Golden Fleece Campaign came along. Dave Williams and I were the coordinators of this epic quest. Unfortunately it was set soon after the Horus Vs Set Civil War campaign which meant using either Shefdu or Mabuki as my main warband would diminish their formidable powers. They're both still around in the background of the Civil War but this time I got the opportunity to put my Eater of the Dead side-project of a Nekharu-themed warband into action. Nabchukh the Nefarious was (re)born.

From the Scrolls of Sootootma, Chosen Scribe of Khepri, Founder of the Recondite Cabal:
The living Nabchukh was a Nekharu Witchlord who delighted in causing havoc wherever he could. His warband was filled with the worst scum the Nile had ever seen - Asar cutthroats, Nekharu of all kinds, Pygmy Zombies and more. Outlaws of Ægyptus flocked to Nabchukh's banner whenever he would make his presence known. His favorite targets were Khemru and Heru villages. It is said he liked the taste of them best of all the Children of Ægyptus, although the accuracy of reports of his alleged cannibalism is still unconfirmed. Nabchukh's days of raiding along the Nile came to an end when the whelp Mabuki took it upon himself to track down the Witchlord. The Grudgebearer sallied forth from the Court of Harakhty at Hierakonpolis to hunt Nabchukh and his Raiders. Mabuki caught up with Nabchukh at a bend along the Southern Nile deep inside the land of Kush. From all accounts the battle was very bloody and Mabuki's warband suffered at the Outlaw's hands. But in the end Mabuki stood triumphant over Nabchukh's broken body. Mabuki's bloodied but triumphant warband hobbled back to Hierakonpolis. The whelp learned well from me when I was counted among the breathers - he shall be dealt with when the time is right.

Most of Nabchukh's warband survivors dispersed after this setback, but a small Nekharu coterie sought out a Necromancer to revive their Witchlord so he could continue to strike at Ægyptus from beyond death. They found a willing Necromancer in the form of 'Midnight Serpent' - one of those females from some far off land or other. Many of these Nekharu unwillingly gave their lives in the search for components so Midnight Serpent could construct an intriguing contraption she calls a Sarcophagus Suit. Since Nabchukh was missing some limbs and not properly mummified, this suit served to replace that process and allow him some mobility. Once revived, Nabchukh set about gathering a new warband to serve the cause of Khepri and the Eater. First he sought an old comrade who had gone into the Tuat before him, Shemakh the Greedy, and raised him with Midnight Serpent's help. He then embarked on a search for a rare two-headed Nekharu Abomination in the southern forests (likely an ancient witch experiment). They were successful and dubbed the creature 'The Shame of Nekhebet' as another insult to the former godess of the Nekharu.

With all the recent talk of the Golden Fleece in the breather community, Nabchukh announced to the Cabal that he shall go forth in search of the prize so many others now seek. As he shambles off to Pharos I wish luck to him in this quest. Personally I see it as a waste of time since the evidence for the existence of such an artifact seems questionable at best... 

That was about all the commentary from Shefdu and Mabuki about this whole Golden Fleece Quest. I started a battle report by Mabuki about Nabchukh and another Dark Harbinger seeking out the Kekooee Seshket (Shefdu's Black Quill) in the ruins of Ankhara, but I couldn't finish it to my satisfaction until very recently (that's the next poste here!). As part of the campaign team I didn't have as much time or energy to devote to excellent battle reports for Nabchukh, his fluff suffered but he was pretty successful. 

At the big finale in the Lair of the Hydra, Nabchuckh was hacked to pieces by the Hydra and some do-gooder breahter. Luckily he had the 'Unstoppable' Dark Harbinger power that turns him into several flailing body parts if he's 'killed'- and if the separate parts survive he can eventually pull himself back together to fight again another day. Nabchuckh is fine and he'll be back...

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