Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 2008 Ægyptus Civil War Campaign - "Horus vs Set"

Since the next campaign took place right after the events of the Second Battle of Ankharra/Rise of Khepri, I decided to have Mabuki come forward. To make sure that none of us would have to play against the same warband every couple of weeks, many of the Fort Wayne WarGods group decided to go the multiple warbands route. Most people had at 2 warbands- a Horus faction and a typhon faction one, maybe an Eater of the Dead one. Others (Dave & me) had 3 warbands- a Horus faction, a Typhon Faction, AND an Eater of the Dead.

My Horus faction warband was Mabuki. He had come to Fokhara to find out what happened to his spy/scribe Trub and to try to find Shefdu and put an end to his evil unlife. The Typhon faction warband was the Typhon Tat-Thamekh the Albino, that's all that should be said about him but Shefdu's commentaries touch on this horrible horrible mistake. Finally the Eater of the Dead was represented by Shefdu's undead girlfriend Hemati Shiver of the Lands.

Let the soap opera begin...

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