Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sothek-Maur Bearer of the Black Scarab Blade

{Sometime after the Second Battle of Ankhara and the Rise of Khepri, the Dark Harbinger Shefdu Sootootma, Scribe of Khepri, gathered together several noteable Crypt Lords and Death Cultists. These heroes of the Eater of the Dead would act as agents of Khepri in his plans for conquering Ægyptus.}

The Sebeki Crypt Lord, Sothek-Maur, first came to my attention during the Second Battle of Ankhara. I watched in interest as he swung his black blade, cutting down breathers with each stroke. Most interesting was what happened to many of those he cut down. The fallen breathers quickly rose and fought at Sothek-Maur's side. Soon his new comrades outnumbered those he was facing. Sometime after the battle I found him and inquired about his intriguing skill. Eventually I worked out that his sword was an ancient artifact of the Embalmers enhanced by the Eater's power. The Black Scarab Blade was originally tuned to an opponents Ka. Tainted Ka was sent to oblivion while the righteous were unaffected by the blade. A group of Necromancers more recently modified the blade so it would raise those who were struck down by it. Sothek-Maur gained possession of the Black Scarab Blade soon after he arrived at Ankhara with his now destroyed Harbinger. I chose him to join the Recondite Cabal right away, he was to be the first member of our elite group.

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