Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sootootma's Scrolls 4

A reckoning is coming to Ankhara and we prepare its path. L'lithyki recieved a visitor with news of some other heroic followers of the Eater of the Dead and their exploits. A larger gathering of forces is inevitable. We are to perform certain tasks and retrieve certain beings and items before the appointed hour. It shall be done.

One such item is an urn of Poshep 'the Raised' located near his already desecrated tomb. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the tomb that meddlesome Asar breather Mentemhe 'the Staver' meddled in affairs that little concern him once more. The Staver's bloated warband outnumbered us nearly thricefold and his minions covered the field like the inundation. Yet L'lithyki found Poshep's urn but had it stolen from her hand by a fiend in the Staver's employ. Mentemhe then retreated from the field with our prize just as the tide began to turn in my favor....

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