Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sootootma's Scrolls 3, Search for the Tomb of Cherkiti

Our path to the Obelisk of Cherkiti brought us into contact with my nemesis the Heru breather Jordan Banisher of the Undead and his warband. They had also come to Fokhara in search of Cherkiti's treasures. The battle went swiftly, my warband flowing around the Obelisk to engage the Banisher and keep his minions from it. L'lthyiki, the Necromancer, and Senshet set about translating the text of the Obelisk as we trampled the Banisher's warriors. It was not long before I met Jordan Banisher of the Undead on the battlefield in Provocation. I managed to hold him off long enough for Senshet to gain the information we needed to locate the entrance of Cherkiti's Tomb. The Banisher screeched in frustration at his failure and withdrew from Provocation, leading his battered warband to safety.

We followed the path described on the Obelisk to the location of Cherkiti's Tomb. I could feel the ancient aura of that place, the air stale with age but ripe with magical energy. As we mounted a rise we were greeted by the sight of yet another breather warband led by another Heru cur, Set-Khefru the Bloodmane. We hastily set up a battle line to engage the breathers. The battle bogged down but we managed to hold the Tomb entrance throughout. The Bloodmane withdrew upon realizing the folly of his position.

The Crypt Lords Blackclaw and Tebbi 'the archer' fight well together, acting in concert flawlessly from their experiences as criminal partners in life, which would serve us well in the catacombs. Three of the breather archers and two of Sejetmu's Dread Axes also joined us entering the Tomb of Cherkiti. The catacombs spread out in all directions, but the pull of ancient power led me directly to Cherkiti's chamber. Blackclaw and Tebbi took an alternate route, investigating the sounds of breathers elsewhere in the catacombs.

I emerged into a large chamber that was unmistakeably Cherkiti's Tomb. An ornate sarcophagus stood against the back wall flanked by two large Anubi statues. The chamber was filled with treasures of all sorts, but the Mantle of Cherkiti called out from atop his sarcophagus.

My focus on the Mantle was interrupted by the echo of footfalls from the far end of the chamber. Across the chamber a massive Sebeki figure emerged from one doorway and immediately left the chamber via a doorway next to it. A piercing screech came from the doorway at the far end of the chamber. This was unmistakably the voice of Jordan Banisher of the Undead, somehow the Heru breather had found his way into the tomb. Another screech split the silence of the tomb. It was clear that the beast Setii had taken the Banisher in Provocation. A handful of Setii's warriors spilled into the Tomb and my party quickly engaged them from the front and rear- Blackclaw and Tebbi were close on the heels of the breathers. I rushed forward to Cherkiti's sarcophagus to retrieve the mantle. What came next was devastatingly quick.

The beast Setii spat his burning slaver from across the room, destroying my armor just as I grabbed the Mantle of Cherkiti. There was a flash of magical energy and the Anubi statues lumbered forward to attack me. I fought these animated statues, these Guardians of Cherkiti, off as best I could. Alas, with the beast Setii alongside them I lost the Mantle to that Sebeki breather! Setii will one day soon suffer my full wrath and taste my mace. Then he shall join my ranks as my shieldbearer...

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