Friday, April 1, 2011

Sootootma's Scrolls 1 The Rebirth of Hemati

We have finally raised the ancient Uraei Harbinger Hemati from her long rest. The ages have been kind to her beauty. 'As ripples on the water, her being radiates to all hearts she nears,' Reshqyt the scribe once said of his mistress. Two lifetimes seeking the legendary Hemati, Protectrix of the Lands, has finally brought her to my side.

Though some disappointment did come from her revival. I had hoped to awaken Hemati as a fellow Harbinger in service to the Eater of the Dead, but the results were somewhat less than expected. During the process of her awakening, another breather warband came near Hemati's Tomb and managed to disrupt the ritual. No harm came to her, but Hemati was not fully awakened. She is a torpid reflection of what she could have been, yet there is a fire deep within her that I can feel. Someday soon Hemati, Shiver of the Lands, may emerge and help usher in a new age for Ægyptus.

Hemati chose the Bottomless Quiver of Darkynis, with her own fine bow, and Senfibeh, an enchanted poleaxe, from her armory.

The Quiver of Darkynis was obtained on an excursion against one of the Babylonian God Kings. Darkynis was an excellent bowman who could fire a score of arrows in the span of a heartbeat. His rapid rate of fire often left his quiver empty before a battle was finished. A sorcerer was commissioned to do something about Darkynis' problem. His solution was to create a 'bottomless quiver' that would replace each arrow removed from it. Hemati gained the Quiver by defeating Darkynis in personal combat. She reached his position through a hail of arrows and killed him with his own bow.

As for the origin of Senfibeh the enchanted poleaxe, it came from Ægyptus as a gift from some greatful temple or other. [i]Once there was a Sebeki who revelled in mayhem and murder. He would fight anyone who crossed him and delight in their suffering as he defeated them in combat. One day a Master of Words ran afoul of the Sebeki. The Master of Words begged the Sebeki to let the perceived slight pass, but the Sebeki would not listen. There was no fight, though. As the Sebeki charged the Master of Words sighed in exasperation and then muttered the words to some ancient spell. The Sebeki stopped and roared in fear as his body reshaped itself into a brilliant poleaxe. The Master of Words caught the poleaxe before it fell to the ground. "Foolish beast, you were given a chance to save yourself. The misery you have caused at your every whim is at an end. Let you now suffer at the hands of others. They shall wield you at their whim and the only control you will have is how much of their enemy's blood you shall feel washing over your blade."[/i]

Hemati will be most helpful at my side...

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